Synonyms for Delegate:


representative (adjective)
minister, member, spokesperson, commissioner, viceroy, consul, pinch hitter, sub, duly elected representative, plenipotentiary, regent.


put in, anoint, pick, put into, tab, single out. instruct, require, command, push around, tax with, dictate, boss around, tell, order around, order. chairwoman, chairperson, contingent, meeting, convener, chair, chairman, discussion group, deputation. agent (noun)
impresario, intermediary, executor, actor, factor, agency, mediator, operative, liaison, vehicle, ombudsman, instrument.
consignee (noun)
envoy, appointee, consignee, addressee, ambassador, acceptor, licensee, go-between, broker, assignee, receiver, agent, representative, middleman, messenger, nominee, trustee, deputy, attache.
delegate (noun)
assign, designate, depute.
deputy (noun)
dummy, substitute, arm, helper, double, attendant, spokesman, second, emissary, ghost, auxiliary, alternate, acolyte, mouthpiece, stand in, proxy, attorney, understudy, helpmate, servant, backup, token, figurehead, lieutenant, assistant, aide, surrogate, spokeswoman.
messenger (noun)
carrier, herald, dispatcher, announcer, postman, harbinger, courier, mailman.
representative (noun)
representative, often governmental (noun)
emissary, ambassador, appointee, surrogate, regent, plenipotentiary, deputy, envoy, viceroy, commissioner, spokesperson, substitute, nominee, factor, proxy, mouthpiece, consul, agent, pinch hitter, minister, member, alternate.
spokesperson (noun)
substitute (noun)


assign responsibility (verb)
consign, entrust.
consign (verb)
consign, appoint, assign, nominate, license, deputize.
delegate (verb)
commission, authorize, charge, name, entrust, designate.
deputize (verb)
assign, appoint, arm, substitute, nominate, deputize.
give authority; empower (verb)
charge, authorize, designate, appoint, name, assign, commission, license, nominate, depute, deputize.
social (verb)

Other synonyms:

single out, convener, deputation, put into. chairperson, anoint, chairman, discussion group, contingent, chairwoman. pick, put in. chair, tab, meeting. legate
name, single out.
pinch hitter.
Other relevant words:
plenipotentiary, meeting, depute, spokesperson, order, anoint, deputation, tell, viceroy, chairwoman, instruct, commissioner, contingent, dictate, tab, chairperson, require, minister, sub, convener, consul, pick, member, chair, command, regent, chairman.

Usage examples for delegate

  1. That, however, Maisie learned, was just what would bring her mother down: from the moment he should delegate to others the housing of his little charge he hadn't a leg to stand on before the law. – What Maisie Knew by Henry James