Synonyms for Noble:


aristocratic (adjective)
highborn, wellborn, kingly, patrician, queenly, imperial, titled, gentle.
benevolent (adjective)
compassionate, humanitarian, alms-giving, philanthropic, bountiful, chivalrous, altruistic, considerate, charitable, benevolent, kind, high-minded, neighborly, generous, humane, munificent, unselfish, beneficent, motherly.
courageous (adjective)
courteous (adjective)
dignified, decorous, considerate, thoughtful, deferential, mannerly, gallant, well-mannered, diplomatic, hospitable, gentlemanly, chivalrous, polite, agreeable, respectful, obliging, suave, civil, gracious, ladylike, graceful, well-bred, courteous.
dignified, excellent (adjective)
gracious, refined, splendid, cultivated, preeminent, sympathetic, eminent, great, remarkable, liberal, benign, august, generous, stately, dignified, beneficent, distinguished, first-rate, Great-hearted, supreme, virtuous, upright, magnificent, worthy, courtly, honorable, elevated, high-minded, bounteous, sublime, grand, reputable, imposing, brilliant, meritorious, benevolent, charitable, lofty, magnanimous, tolerant, extraordinary, humane, impressive, big.
distinguished (adjective)
elevated (adjective)
generous (adjective)
munificent, big.
important (adjective)
meritorious (adjective)
noble (adjective)
imposing, lordly, distinguished, great, royal, heroic, sovereign, kingly, majestic, celebrated, regal, august, stately, imperial, dignified, sublime, courtly, ladylike, baronial, patrician, aristocratic, queen-like, princely, magisterial, grand, knightly, magnificent.
reputable (adjective)
respectable (adjective)
law-abiding, creditable, saintly, fair, forthright, angelical, worthy, righteous, upstanding, irreproachable, right-minded, estimable, true, virtuous, moral, blameless, honorable, unimpeachable, untarnished, honest, good, pure, respectable, principled.
strong (adjective)
upper-class (adjective)
virtuous (adjective)
unsullied, guiltless, decent, unspotted, angelical, worthy, uncorrupted, clean, high-minded, blameless, respectable, valorous, estimable, pure, upstanding, honorable, virtuous, heroic, moral, good, ethical, righteous, Taintless, creditable, faultless.


ducal, upper class, thoroughbred, elite, over. huge, enormous, vast, large, wide, king-size, high. grandiose, Magnific, big, superb. master (noun)
noble (noun)
honorable, nobleman, greathearted, unreactive, idealistic, lordly, royal, high-minded, gentle, stately, highborn, baronial, blue, purple, august, noble-minded, kinglike, impressive, honourable, high-flown, queenly, monarchical, magnanimous, queenlike, solid, majestic, imperial, monarchal, ennobling, patrician, lord, aristocratic, princely, kingly, dignifying, grand, titled, aristocratical, exalted, rarified, imposing, worthy, blue-blooded, rarefied, upstanding, regal, lofty, coroneted.
nobleman (noun)
archduke, baronet.
person (noun)
lord, nobleman.

Other synonyms:

wellborn, upper class, ducal, Magnific. grandiose, highbred. thoroughbred. elite, splendid. magnanimous
large, magnanimous.
aristocrat, nobleman.

Usage examples for noble

  1. " How beautiful are the noble children! – The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
  2. An' then Mr. Little Josh he said how noble an' 'stinguished you were an' s'perior. – The Comings of Cousin Ann by Emma Speed Sampson
  3. Now when her mistress had heard what he said, she thought he was a noble character, better than anybody else. – Twenty-two Goblins by Unknown