Synonyms for Classy:


all (adjective)
posh, swish.
fashionable (adjective)
plush (adjective)
sharp (adjective)
stylish (adjective)
stylish, having panache (adjective)
dashing, swank, posh, sharp, in, swanky, mod, Tony, fashionable, modish, chic.


modish, mod, dashing, flexible, chic, trendy, in, Tony, trig, born, addictive, smart, constitutionally, Clingy, with-it, a la mode, up-to-the-minute, babyish, badass, swanky, sharp, adaptive, style, flawed, all the rage, swank, snappy, usual. futuristic, space age, state of the art, advanced, ahead of your/its etc. time, modernistic, modern, contemporary, hip. classy (noun)
fashionable, swish, posh, stylish.

Other synonyms:

babyish, mod, trig, adaptive, Tony, flexible, flawed, addictive, chic. constitutionally, trendy, Clingy, born, badass, with-it. modish, dashing, snappy. in, smart. sharp. Other relevant words:
contemporary, in, sharp, badass, flawed, swank, style, with-it, chic, modish, Clingy, mod, snappy, trig, flexible, trendy, born, advanced, adaptive, modern, hip, constitutionally, futuristic, all the rage, babyish, modernistic, swanky, Tony, smart, addictive, dashing, state of the art, usual.