Synonyms for Beautiful:


artistic (adjective)
creative, proficient, elegant, sublime, tasteful, gifted, poetic, graceful, expert, aesthetic, artistic, skillful, accomplished, talented, masterful.
attractive (adjective)
ravishing, pretty, pleasant, taking, handsome.
beautiful (adjective)
enchanting, charming, wondrous, refined, elegant, pretty, superb, gorgeous, eye-filling, majestic, finished, flowerlike, shapely, bonny, pleasing, splendid, handsome, polished, picturesque, radiant, good-looking, exquisite, stunning, belle, glamorous, graceful, breathtaking, sightly, attractive, ornamental, becoming, comely, fair, quaint, lovely, dazzling, angelic, resplendent, sublime.
flattering (adjective)
ornamental (adjective)
physically attractive (adjective)
marvelous, divine, good-looking, exquisite, sightly, beauteous, fascinating, resplendent, dazzling, ideal, symmetrical, pleasing, nice, pretty, elegant, ravishing, alluring, admirable, radiant, classy, sublime, pulchritudinous, angelic, statuesque, splendid, cute, delicate, grand, enticing, comely, foxy, stunning, gorgeous, magnificent, graceful, refined, superb, shapely, fair, taking, lovely, handsome, excellent, wonderful, charming.
tasteful (adjective)


easy on the eyes. beautiful (noun)
esthetical, well-favored, ravishing, sightly, aesthetic, splendiferous, well-favoured, scenic, handsome, fair, pretty-pretty, bonny, bonnie, pretty, comely, esthetic, lovely, good-looking, pulchritudinous, beauteous, fine-looking, glorious, dishy, picturesque, pleasant, exquisite, stunning, gorgeous, aesthetical, splendid, resplendent, better-looking.

Other synonyms:

dainty. harmonious. brilliant. saintly

Usage examples for beautiful

  1. " Oh, how beautiful you are! – The White Knight: Tirant lo Blanc by Joanot Martorell and Marti Johan d'Galba