Synonyms for Beautiful:


artistic (adjective)
creative, proficient, elegant, sublime, tasteful, gifted, poetic, graceful, expert, aesthetic, artistic, skillful, accomplished, talented, masterful.
attractive (adjective)
ravishing, pretty, pleasant, taking, handsome.
beautiful (adjective)
enchanting, charming, wondrous, refined, elegant, pretty, superb, gorgeous, eye-filling, majestic, finished, flowerlike, shapely, bonny, pleasing, splendid, handsome, polished, picturesque, radiant, good-looking, exquisite, stunning, belle, glamorous, graceful, breathtaking, sightly, attractive, ornamental, becoming, comely, fair, quaint, lovely, dazzling, angelic, resplendent, sublime.
flattering (adjective)
ornamental (adjective)
physically attractive (adjective)
marvelous, divine, good-looking, exquisite, sightly, beauteous, fascinating, resplendent, dazzling, ideal, symmetrical, pleasing, nice, pretty, elegant, ravishing, alluring, admirable, radiant, classy, sublime, pulchritudinous, angelic, statuesque, splendid, cute, delicate, grand, enticing, comely, foxy, stunning, gorgeous, magnificent, graceful, refined, superb, shapely, fair, taking, lovely, handsome, excellent, wonderful, charming.
tasteful (adjective)


dainty, impressive, delicate, cheerful, marvelous, excellent, enticing, symmetrical, grand, august, admirable, hideous, nice, pleasurable, ideal, relaxing, brilliant, fascinating, enjoyable, harmonious, awe-inspiring, majestic, wonderful, ugly, wondrous, restful, imposing, showy, magnificent, decorative, rich. incredible, built, rosy, tremendous, exceptional, divine, foxy, taking, plain, unattractive, blooming, decent, alluring, winning, voluptuous, statuesque, lissome, classy, wonder, personable, svelte, cute. easy on the eyes. beautiful (noun)
esthetical, well-favored, ravishing, sightly, aesthetic, splendiferous, well-favoured, scenic, handsome, fair, pretty-pretty, bonny, bonnie, pretty, comely, esthetic, lovely, good-looking, pulchritudinous, beauteous, fine-looking, glorious, dishy, picturesque, pleasant, exquisite, stunning, gorgeous, aesthetical, splendid, resplendent, better-looking.

Other synonyms:

dainty. hideous, foxy, blooming, magnificent, built. harmonious. brilliant. saintly
Other relevant words:
delicate, esthetic, statuesque, divine, brilliant, pleasurable, impressive, harmonious, rich, pretty-pretty, glorious, well-favoured, angelic, wonderful, showy, imposing, pleasant, aesthetical, fascinating, esthetical, unattractive, well-favored, excellent, relaxing, bonnie, incredible, lissome, awe-inspiring, splendiferous, svelte, symmetrical, pulchritudinous, nice, grand, easy on the eyes, blooming, tremendous, marvelous, admirable, beauteous, foxy, ravishing, dainty, scenic, ugly, winning, built, dishy, better-looking, majestic, wondrous, cheerful, exceptional, enjoyable, restful, decorative, alluring, fine-looking, plain, ideal, magnificent, enticing, breathtaking, cute, decent, taking, rosy, personable, classy, august, voluptuous, wonder.

Usage examples for beautiful

  1. " Oh, how beautiful you are! – The White Knight: Tirant lo Blanc by Joanot Martorell and Marti Johan d'Galba