Synonyms for Salient:


central (adjective)
important (adjective)
earthshaking, crucial, consequential, grave, important, big-name, momentous, considerable, notable, influential, noteworthy, critical, prominent, pivotal, serious, high-powered, eminent, world-shaking, heavyweight, distinguished, big-wig.
noticeable (adjective)
noticeable, important (adjective)
pertinent, remarkable, prominent, notable, arresting, famous, striking, conspicuous, pronounced, obvious, outstanding, marked, signal.
trenchant (adjective)
to the point.
visible (adjective)
distinct, evident, exposed, observable, plain, apparent, discernible, seeable, clear, manifest, conspicuous, obvious, visible, perceptible, perceivable.


appropriate, fit, to the point, germane, apposite, pertinent, relevant, applicable, live. eye-catching, remarkable, pronounced, sticking out like a sore thumb, pointed, bold, noticeable, arresting, signal, marked. projecting (noun)
hilly, swelling, bowed.
prominent (noun)
famous, remarkable.
salient (noun)
obvious, spectacular, striking, outstanding, conspicuous, prominent.

Other synonyms:

arresting, applicable, pertinent, eye-catching, relevant, germane, apposite. marked, remarkable. live, pronounced. bold. fit. pointed. observable
Other relevant words:
famous, fit, hilly, to the point, live, appropriate, remarkable, apposite, pertinent, striking, relevant, eye-catching, swelling, arresting, pointed, signal, bold, germane, applicable, bowed, pronounced, marked, sticking out like a sore thumb, outstanding, noticeable, spectacular.

Usage examples for salient

  1. The play begins with a salient manifestation in the recall of Gaveston of the passion which is to be the king's downfall. – Tragedy by Ashley H. Thorndike