Synonyms for Grandiose:


ambitious (adjective)
august (adjective)
regal, baronial, superb.
bombastic (adjective)
highfalutin, histrionic.
cosmic (adjective)
huge, immense.
extravagant (adjective)
flashy, unreasonable, extreme, absurd, garish, ridiculous, ornate, gaudy.
grand (adjective)
opulent, large, splendid, sublime.
grandiose (adjective)
magnificent, pompous, august, vast, royal, flamboyant, affected, noble, egotistic, lofty, showy, pretentious, grand, stately, imposing, lordly, impressive, splashy, majestic, ostentatious.
highfalutin (adjective)
puffy, boastful, vain, Flaunting.
large (adjective)
extensive, enormous, huge, great, colossal, elephantine, large, giant, massive, lofty, roomy, soaring, gargantuan, voluminous, princely, ample, spacious, copious, impressive, vast, awesome, immense, expansive, gigantic, cavernous, prodigious, capacious, bulky, magnificent, towering, humongous, sizable, mammoth, baggy, comprehensive, tremendous, big, majestic, grand, generous.
ostentatious (adjective)
formal, snazzy, stilted, showy, flamboyant, jaunty, flourishing, flashy, gaudy, affected, flagrant, shameless, forced, Flaunting, blatant, boastful, ostentatious, histrionic, grandiloquent, highfaluting, ornate, sensational, splashy, rakish, dashing, vain, exhibitionistic, garish, fussy, pompous, dramatic, opulent.
pretentious (adjective)


artistic, artsy-craftsy, aesthetic, accessible, camp, baroque, abstract, campy, avant-garde. childish, lordly, ridiculous, hysterical, sublime, stately, irrational, imposing, baronial, perverse, good, extreme, superb, unreasonable, irresponsible, regal, wrong, royal, absurd, august, Magnific, noble, splendid. puffy, plain, self-important, puffed-up. grand (noun)
theatrical, egotistic, study at grand.
grandiose (noun)
highfaluting, impressive, hifalutin, pretentious, hoity-toity, highfalutin, la-di-da.

Other synonyms:

Magnific, baronial, puffed-up. imposing, regal, august, sublime, puffy, egotistic, self-important. royal, lordly, stately. splendid. noble.

Usage examples for grandiose

  1. But it is possible, as Sir Walter Raleigh has suggested, that Milton was no longer in the vein for grandiose themes of external majesty and might such as this story would have afforded. – Milton by John Bailey
  2. The discovery accorded with my Roman mood, for the conception and execution alike of this grandiose project are worthy of the Romans. – Old Calabria by Norman Douglas