Synonyms for Elaborate:


all (adjective)
ambitious (adjective)
complex (adjective)
tangled, byzantine, involute.
complicated (adjective)
confused, labyrinthine, intricate, knotted, complex, involved, convoluted, confounded, tangled, complicated, snarled, perplexing.
intricate; involved (adjective)
extravagant, painstaking, labyrinthine, fussy, showy, decorated, refined, ostentatious, studied, extensive, complex, elegant, careful, minute, knotty, ornate, embellished, complicated, labored, fancy, detailed, imposing.
ornately spoken or written (adjective)
flamboyant, high-sounding, gilded, baroque, florid, lofty, ponderous, highfalutin, bloated, bombastic, rhetorical, ornate, fancy, voluble, grandiloquent, embellished, rich, eloquent, flowery, inflated, opulent, splashy, rococo, showy.


odd, offbeat, exotic, notable, special, surprising, unique, unusual, remarkable, out of the ordinary. edited, 101, broad, descriptive, broad-brush. elaborate (noun)
elaborated, expound, fancy, expand, enlarge, dilate, careful, exposit, work out, complicate, flesh out, lucubrate, detailed, refine, expatiate, rarify, luxuriant.


communication (verb)
expatiate, exposit, flesh out, dilate, expound, lucubrate, enlarge, expand.
improve (verb)
embellish, progress, refine, upgrade, enrich, enhance, correct, garnish, improve, better, advance, renovate, further.
make detailed; expand (verb)
enhance, complicate, expound, work out, enlarge, flesh out, refine, improve, embellish, expatiate, garnish.

Other synonyms:

convoluted, byzantine, edited, broad-brush, decorated, incomprehensible, Daedalian, Daedal, confusing, descriptive, involute. contorted, difficult, knotty. extensive. discourse
Other relevant words:
dilate, enlarge, extensive, decorated, fussy, expatiate, difficult, laborious, convoluted, elegant, detailed, byzantine, minute, expound, expand, confusing, rarify, work out, elaborated, edited, knotty, Daedalian, Daedal, broad, flesh out, gaudy, exposit, refined, dressy, lucubrate, imposing, painstaking, ostentatious, luxuriant, flashy, complicate, studied, involute, careful, extravagant, labored, complex.

Usage examples for elaborate

  1. The supper, which we had in the palm- garden, was an elaborate affair. – In the Courts of Memory 1858-1875. by L. de Hegermann-Lindencrone
  2. He ordered a rather elaborate dinner, and then turning his attention to Carley, gave her closer scrutiny. – The Call of the Canyon by Zane Grey