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elaborate - 189 results
ornately spoken or written (adjective)

flowery, eloquent, bombastic, rhetorical, grandiloquent, ornate, lofty, voluble, high-sounding, baroque, rich, embellished, gilded, opulent, ponderous, splashy, flamboyant, rococo, bloated, highfalutin, florid, fancy, showy, inflated.

improve (verb)

enhance, advance, further, refine, enrich, correct, renovate, garnish, improve, upgrade, embellish, progress, better.

ornamented (verb)

flashy, decorated, gaudy, plain, fussy, elegant, refined, imposing, ordinary, spangled, extravagant, ostentatious, dressy.

complicated (adjective)

intricate, complex, perplexing, confounded, knotted, confused, tangled, snarled, labyrinthine, involved, complicated.

Other synonyms:

daedal, sophisticated, thorough, cipher, sophisticated, detailed, work up, elaborated, puzzle out, incomprehensible, fatten out, boom, full, particular, solve, circumstantial, figure, inflate, luxuriant, laborious, broad-brush, careless, sophisticated, perplex, deliver, cypher, distend, rarify, knotty, work out, exotic, particularized, expand, convoluted, exposit, plump, circumstantial, round, fill out, down, labyrinthian, voluptuous, studied, plain, enlarge, exercise, brief, remarkable, set forth, fat, descriptive, amplify, sybaritic, labyrinthian, convoluted, advise, let someone know, notable, surprising, extend, out of the ordinary, general, expatiate, Daedalian, odd, offbeat, extensive, point out, difficult, magnify, dilate, complicate, lucubrate, blow up, fancy, lick, particular, unique, particularized, spread out, luxurious, 101, simple, fine-tune, give someone to understand (that), expound, special, broad, riotous, full, contorted, lush, flourish, sophisticated, profuse, blow-by-blow, involute, polish, report, Byzantine, voluptuary, calculate, blow-by-blow, labored, fatten up, compute, minute, plump out, simple, confusing, reckon, painstaking, thorough, exuberant, fatten, relay, work, figure out, epicurean, tell, rectify, divulge, unusual, edited, thrive, careful, flesh out, refine.

Examples of usage:

The supper, which we had in the palm- garden, was an elaborate affair. - "In the Courts of Memory 1858-1875.", L. de Hegermann-Lindencrone.

That evening Mr. Hale sat in his hotel bedroom with all the electric lights blazing, and filled sheet after sheet with elaborate calculations. - "Home Fires in France", Dorothy Canfield.

He ordered a rather elaborate dinner, and then turning his attention to Carley, gave her closer scrutiny. - "The Call of the Canyon", Zane Grey.

Similar words:

elaborated, elaborates, in an elaborate way, elaborately, elaboration, Elaborating, elaborateness.

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