Synonyms for Comprehensive:


across-the-board (adjective)
all-embracing, panoptic, all-encompassing, across the board.
all-encompassing (adjective)
catholic (adjective)
compendious (adjective)
complete (adjective)
done, complete, unabridged, accomplished, all, uncut, plenary, finished, through, thorough, total, full, final, unified, solid, whole, intact, unsevered, undivided, entire, integral, universal, conclusive, collective, sum, exhaustive.
concise (adjective)
entire (adjective)
conclusive, full-fledged, holistic, entire, all-inclusive, global, full-scale, mass, full-grown, all-embracing, tally, full, sweeping, exhaustive, all, sum, whole, total, gross, complete.
far-flung (adjective)
inclusive (adjective)
exhaustive, across the board, widespread, sweeping, complete, synoptic, far-reaching, discursive, Comprising, whole, general, global, encyclopedic, Containing, blanket, wide, extensive, absolute, all-embracing, all-inclusive, broad, full, overall, umbrella, thorough, compendious, expansive.
indiscriminate (adjective)
large (adjective)
gargantuan, expansive, generous, extensive, enormous, giant, colossal, lofty, awesome, roomy, big, huge, capacious, impressive, gigantic, mammoth, great, voluminous, copious, magnificent, majestic, ample, soaring, tremendous, baggy, prodigious, humongous, sizable, grand, cavernous, immense, elephantine, spacious, grandiose, bulky, vast, princely, towering, massive, large.
overall (adjective)
wide-ranging (adjective)
worldwide (adjective)


sound, resounding, good, utter, unadulterated, pure, outright. assurance, collision damage waiver, contributory, adjuster, actuary, carrier, actuarial, benefit, broker. extracurricular, Distance Learning, Continuing Education, collegiate, coeducation, intercollegiate, adult education, extramural, higher education. comprehensive (noun)
spaciotemporal, all-around, encyclopedic, cosmopolitan, all-embracing, super, spatiotemporal, worldwide, general, all-inclusive, house-to-house, omnibus, extensive, across the board, encompassing, door-to-door, well-rounded, oecumenical, umbrella, unabridged, ecumenical, large, all-encompassing, encyclopaedic, plenary, wide, far-reaching, universal, inclusive, all-round, sweeping, blanket, broad, panoptic.
inclusive (noun)
Comprising, Containing, compendious, synoptic, absolute, widespread, discursive, overall.

Other synonyms:

Distance Learning, intercollegiate, higher education, overall, broker, far-ranging, extramural, adult education, wide-ranging, contributory, actuarial, wide-reaching, collision damage waiver, broad-spectrum, adjuster, actuary, coeducation, absolute, Continuing Education. carrier, assurance, collegiate, extended, extracurricular, benefit. across-the-board
across the board.
broad, widespread.

Usage examples for comprehensive

  1. And Chettle, taking a first comprehensive look round, went straight to the mantelpiece and pointed out a certain neatly framed photograph to his superior. – The Rayner-Slade Amalgamation by J. S. Fletcher
  2. A gesture of his head, much comprehensive is made by him: " Is this a home?" – This Freedom by A. S. M. Hutchinson
  3. He knew, also, that he could not carry out his fixed determination of writing a comprehensive book on Japan, without passing several years exclusively amongst the Japanese people. – Lafcadio Hearn by Nina H. Kennard