Synonyms for Expansive:


all-round (adjective)
broad, comprehensive (adjective)
extensive, wide, inclusive, great, big, widespread, voluminous, large, wide-ranging, far-reaching, ample.
generous (adjective)
good-hearted, benevolent, hospitable, good, Kind-hearted, selfless, big-hearted, Open-handed, liberal.
inclusive (adjective)
informative (adjective)
large (adjective)
elephantine, enormous, massive, roomy, huge, ample, bulky, gigantic, generous, prodigious, awesome, big, soaring, spacious, tremendous, mammoth, comprehensive, giant, cavernous, colossal, majestic, gargantuan, voluminous, extensive, large, great, baggy, copious, grand, humongous, capacious, sizable, towering, impressive, vast, princely, immense, lofty, grandiose, magnificent.
size (adjective)
broad, voluminous, portly, bulky, long, high, magnificent, measurable, chunky, big, amplitudinous, wide, great, corpulent, dimensional, large, sizable, extensive.
talkative (adjective)
effusive, open, generous, friendly, demonstrative, unreserved, liberal, gregarious, outgoing, extroverted, communicative.
thick (adjective)
broad, bulky, wide, thick.


king-size, widespread. all-inclusive, extended, far-ranging, wide-reaching, all-round, overall, inclusive, global, all-around, far-reaching, broad-spectrum, wide-ranging, general, specific, sweeping. extraverted, gregarious, unreserved, extroverted, attitude, outgoing, communicable. expansive (noun)
distensible, communicatory, cavernous, grand, impressive, erectile, communicative, expandible, expandable, expansible, talkative, inflatable, euphoric, happy.
unreserved (noun)
effusive, open, gregarious, friendly, demonstrative.

Other synonyms:

extraverted, overall, extroverted, all-round, far-ranging, wide-reaching, gregarious, far-reaching, broad-spectrum, demonstrative, wide-ranging, all-around, open. all-inclusive, global, outgoing, inclusive. communicable, widespread. unreserved. general. outspread
Other relevant words:
hospitable, expansible, good-hearted, erectile, benevolent, all-around, wide-reaching, inflatable, friendly, far-ranging, general, communicative, distensible, open, broad-spectrum, all-round, all-inclusive, overall, talkative, extroverted, sweeping, far-reaching, good, expandable, communicatory, king-size, communicable, effusive, global, widespread, happy, selfless, extended, Kind-hearted, big-hearted, outgoing, demonstrative, extraverted, wide-ranging, inclusive, Open-handed, euphoric, specific, attitude, expandible, gregarious, liberal, unreserved.

Usage examples for expansive

  1. The occurrence produced an effect on Jack Carleton similar to that caused by the sight of the expansive smile of the Osage chieftain: he felt that no dangerous ill- will could exist wigwam which was the scene of the incident. – The Lost Trail by Edward S. Ellis