Synonyms for Pedantic:


academic (adjective)
bookish, theoretical, literary, scholarly, academic, learned, scholastic, erudite.
bookish, precise (adjective)
academic, donnish, punctilious, scholastic, pompous, pedagogic, doctrinaire, learned, didactic, egotistic, erudite.
critical (adjective)
captious, critical, picky, Fault-finding, judgmental, harsh, caviling, finicky, carping, derogatory, disparaging.
didactic (adjective)
educational (adjective)
well-informed (adjective)


fractious, hot-tempered, irascible, sensitive, moody, temperamental, short-tempered, touchy, bad-tempered, irritable. scholastic, Pedantical, Inkhorn, flexible, teach, attitude, formalistic. formal (noun)
doctrinaire, egotistic, hypercritical, precise, pompous, scholastic, punctilious, ostentatious of learning, didactic, pedagogic.
pedantic (noun)
academic, scholarly, donnish.

Other synonyms:

formalistic, Pedantical, Inkhorn. scholastic. instructive
Other relevant words:
doctrinaire, hot-tempered, donnish, scholastic, irritable, formalistic, bad-tempered, punctilious, teach, pompous, hypercritical, pedagogic, attitude, Pedantical, Inkhorn, sensitive, flexible, short-tempered, didactic, temperamental, touchy, precise, moody, fractious, irascible, egotistic.

Usage examples for pedantic

  1. But she was long ago done with the professors, and Ned asked the landlady to tell him what change had come over the mind of this somewhat pedantic young woman. – The Untilled Field by George Moore