Synonyms for Dashing:


active (adjective)
all (adjective)
bold, flamboyant (adjective)
dapper, swish, vivacious, modish, swank, stylish, elegant, fashionable, smart, chic, spirited, gallant, showy, jaunty, daring, animated.
courageous (adjective)
fashionable (adjective)
fashionable, chic, natty, dapper, coordinated, trig, up-to-date, refined, modish, snappy, chichi, fancy, modal, slick, swank, in, decorous, rakish, showy, Tony, stylish, conventional, ritzy, vogue, smart.
fast (adjective)
allegro, swift, presto, light-footed, rapid, hasty, breakneck, expeditious, rushing, fast, hurrying, galloping, fleet, nimble, speedy, quick, snappy.
hasty (adjective)
bustling, breathless, pelting, quick, running, speedy, rapid, rushing, impatient, feverish, hasty, urgent, swift, fleet, brisk, abrupt, fast, galloping, flying, breakneck, hurried, darting.
lively (adjective)
jaunty, bouncy.
ostentatious (adjective)
flagrant, exhibitionistic, sensational, jaunty, splashy, dramatic, flashy, snazzy, ostentatious, grandiloquent, pompous, shameless, rakish, formal, ornate, flourishing, histrionic, fussy, gaudy, blatant, opulent, showy, vain, forced, stilted, grandiose, garish, Flaunting, boastful, flamboyant, affected.
sharp (adjective)
speeding (adjective)
stylish (adjective)
spiffy, striking, snazzy.


bespectacled, attired, brave, clothed, dynamic, clad, daring, Corseted, cross dressing, active. breaking, attractive, personable, pretty, glamorous, striking, lovable, telegenic, beating, engaging, elegant, charming. animated, pert, vivacious, bouncy, high-spirited, peppy, action. mod, swanky, style, classy, in, modish, sharp, trendy, usual, swish, with-it, trig, posh. dashing (noun)
gallant, smart, rakish, dapper, fashionable, jaunty, raffish, spiffy, spruce, snappy, stylish, spirited, natty.


disappointing (verb)
disconcerting, discouraging, disheartening, disillusioning, disappointing, thwarting.
running (verb)
jogging, Loping, tearing, bounding, cantering, racing, scurrying, Scrambling, Sprinting, Plunging, scooting, Trotting, scampering.
speeding (verb)
hurrying, rushing, galloping, speeding.

Other synonyms:

lovable, engaging, bespectacled, clothed, clad, mod, bouncy, attired, trig, telegenic, Corseted, classy, cross dressing, pretty, personable. posh, active, trendy, high-spirited, with-it, pert, vivacious, elegant. peppy, charming. modish. in. animated. sharp. Other relevant words:
charming, spirited, classy, high-spirited, breaking, lovable, elegant, bouncy, brave, peppy, with-it, modish, posh, vivacious, spiffy, trendy, gallant, clad, trig, pretty, daring, mod, Corseted, personable, animated, cross dressing, spruce, striking, pert, swanky, raffish, swish, dynamic, bespectacled, in, sharp, active.

Usage examples for dashing

  1. The sun was high in the heavens when the little party came in sight of the falls dashing over the rocks. – A Little Maid of Old Maine by Alice Turner Curtis
  2. No driver wants to run over a dog if he can help it, and you children only make matters worse by dashing in among traffic." – Brother and Sister by Josephine Lawrence