Synonyms for Tinsel:


flashy (adjective)
chintzy, meretricious, gaudy, tawdry, cheap, tacky, catchpenny, garish, loud, glaring.
gaudy (adjective)
flashy, pretentious.
gilt (adjective)
tawdry (adjective)
common, poor.


irrelevance, Minutiae, nothing, dead wood, detail, inessentials, adjunct, non-issue, trivia, stuff. chintzy, caroling, Christmas Pudding, carol, garish, Advent calendar, Christmas Card, flashy, Christmas Cake, glaring, bauble, gaudy, meretricious, Christmas Stocking, tawdry, style, loud, Christmas dinner, Christmas Carol, brummagem, tacky. decoration (noun)
flourish, finery, gingerbread, garnish, bauble, trimming, frill, ornament.
garnish (noun)
decoration, adornment, trim.
glitter (noun)
ornament (noun)
ornament, adornment, foofaraw, gewgaw, Emblazonment, flourish, enrichment, decoration, emblem, gingerbread, badge, finery, garnish, gaudiness, trim, filling, frill, button, trimming, embroidery.
tawdry (noun)
cheap, poor, fake, pseudo, catchpenny, pretentious, alloyed, common, glossy, gaudy.
tinsel (noun)
trumpery, worthless.

Other synonyms:

brummagem, chintzy. garish, tawdry, gaudy, meretricious, flashy. glaring. loud.

Usage examples for tinsel

  1. Nor does this passage of tinsel stand alone. – The Man Shakespeare by Frank Harris
  2. She has no doubt a mind as fair as her face, but none of the tinsel which we so often take for gold. – Ellen Middleton--A Tale by Georgiana Fullerton