Synonyms for Lend:


comply, finance, suit oneself, accommodate, pay out, spend, adjust, invest in, bear the cost/expense etc., conform. lace, endow with, infuse, stamp, invest with, imbue with, inject, mold. spare. lend (noun)
add, bring, contribute, impart, loan, bestow.


give (verb)
grant, extend, bestow, help, render, ascribe, submit, dispense, pay, lavish, fund, deliver, disburse, attribute, offer, devote, allot, endow, award, shower, bequeath, ration, consign, supply, donate, send, serve, tender, present, dole, give, impart, allow, assign, share, expend, assist, provide, furnish, pledge.
lend (verb)
lease, mortgage, advance, loan, pawn, sublet, contribute, let.
loan, accommodate (verb)
bestow, advance, add, give, allow, supply, grant, extend, furnish, entrust, present, impart, provide, contribute, let.

Other synonyms:

invest with, infuse, endow with. inject. lace. mold. spare. stamp. loan
let out.

Usage examples for lend

  1. About the middle of the forenoon she went to the store, and surprised the storekeeper by asking him to lend her sixty- five dollars for one month. – Jess of the Rebel Trail by H. A. Cody
  2. I'll ask Aunt Greenow to lend you the money,- or to lend it to me." – Can You Forgive Her? by Anthony Trollope