Synonyms for Embellished:


adorned (adjective)
attached (adjective)
added, affixed, additional, merged, Prefixed, connected, related, attached, bound, married, extended, joined, Spliced, Hitched, Suffixed, augmented, subscripted, Annexed, accompanied, extra.
baroque (adjective)
ornamented, rich, florid, ornate, flamboyant, rococo.
elaborate (adjective)
garnished, refined, decorated, showy, fancy.
exaggerated (adjective)
exaggerated, Overvalued, burlesque, distorted, Overrated, hyperbolic, overpraised, Aggrandized, overstated, overdeveloped, overestimated, caricature.
fancy (adjective)
baroque, adorned.
florid (adjective)
grandiloquent, flowery, rhetorical.
flowery (adjective)
purple, bombastic.
improved (adjective)
garnished, upgraded, refined, improved, Enriched, advanced, better, enhanced, elaborated, Furthered, corrected, renovated, Progressed.
ornately spoken or written (adjective)
grandiloquent, fancy, flamboyant, ponderous, showy, inflated, eloquent, florid, opulent, lofty, splashy, gilded, rococo, baroque, rhetorical, bombastic, ornate, voluble, high-sounding, flowery, bloated, rich, elaborate, highfalutin.
overestimated (adjective)
distorted, exaggerated, over-appraised, Overvalued, padded, overestimated, embroidered, Aggrandized.
rhetorical (adjective)
hyperbolic, inflated, eloquent, voluble, exaggerated.


embellished (noun)
ornamented, ornate, empurpled, purple, decorated, rhetorical, adorned, over-embellished.


beautified (verb)
bedecked, Beautified, prettified, dignified, Enriched, trimmed, Graced, decorated, adorned.
embellish (verb)
exaggerated (verb)
Caricatured, stretched, Hyperbolized.
improved (verb)
overestimated (verb)
padded, Aggrandized, exaggerated, Overvalued, embroidered, overestimated, distorted, Hyperbolized.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
ornamented, over-embellished, embroidered, purple, empurpled.

Usage examples for embellished

  1. A stout country lad opened the door at the end of the passage, and the three friends entered a long, low- roofed room, furnished with a large number of high- backed, leather- cushioned chairs, of fantastic shapes, and embellished with a great variety of old portraits and roughly coloured prints of some antiquity. – The Inns and Taverns of "Pickwick" With Some Observations on their Other Associations by B.W. Matz