Synonyms for Fanciful:


all (adjective)
capricious (adjective)
flighty, vacillating, random, capricious, volatile, fluctuating, changeable, scatterbrained, fly-by-night, fleeting, Flitting, impulsive, erratic, indecisive, sporadic, frivolous, wayward, whimsical, fickle, arbitrary, fitful.
deceptive (adjective)
fictitious (adjective)
invented, fictive.
imaginary (adjective)
imaginary, romantic (adjective)
fictional, fantastical, extravagant, fictive, whimsical, dreamlike, poetic, capricious, imagined, unreal, illusory, notional, fictitious.
motiveless (adjective)
reasonless, haphazard, wayward, motiveless, spastic, careless, capricious, impulsive, Flitting, fleeting, sporadic, Systemless, arbitrary, irregular, nonsystematic, indecisive, wandering, rambling, random, chancy, whimsical, flighty, unmethodical, ambivalent, fickle, volatile, adrift.
notional (adjective)
sensitive (adjective)
schmaltzy, gooey, sappy, mawkish, maudlin, starry-eyed, dewy-eyed, sloppy, lovesick, poetic, soft, tender, sensitive, romantic, mushy, sentimental.


irresponsible, extreme, inventive, perverse, illusory, fantastical, irrational, dreamlike, unreasonable, hysterical, playful, wrong, childish, ridiculous. contorted, confusing, confused, elaborate, quaint, complicated, involved, complex, incomprehensible, odd, extravagant, intricate, difficult. fictive, invented, made-up, fictional, fictitious. fanciful (noun)
notional, fancy, creative, originative, unreal, imagined, imaginary.

Other synonyms:

fictional, fictive, invented, conceptual, fantastical. quaint, fictitious, chimeric. made-up. Other relevant words:
intricate, playful, elaborate, chimeric, irresponsible, incomprehensible, fictive, notional, imaginary, imagined, hysterical, fancy, irrational, unreal, dreamlike, wrong, invented, complicated, fictitious, complex, ridiculous, fantastical, odd, illusory, originative, fictional, extravagant, conceptual, creative, quaint, made-up, unreasonable.

Usage examples for fanciful

  1. From August, 1877, to October, 1880, they are frequent, and consist for the most part of fanciful verse accompanied by cuts from the same hand. – The History of "Punch" by M. H. Spielmann
  2. He held himself very much of a fool, and he knew that he was fanciful – The Everlasting Whisper by Jackson Gregory
  3. You say it's ridiculous and fanciful and all that sort of thing. – The Best Short Stories of 1921 and the Yearbook of the American Short Story by Various