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unbelievable - 69 results
Other synonyms:

implausible, undreamed, dumbfounding, impossibility, incredible, incredulous, be out of the question, past belief, staggering, unimagined, astonishing, a bit thick, false, fantastical, impossible, hardly, amazing, open to doubt, doubtful, miraculous, wondrous, phenomenal, not to be credited, undreamt of, undreamed of, palpably false, improbable, there's nothing better, worse, more exciting etc. than, dubious, with the best will in the world, shaky, weak, likely, no-go, not...anything better/worse, thin, dumfounding, good, conspicuous, flimsy, unconvincing, unadulterated, undreamt, astounding, wonderful, uncompelling, fabulous, stupendous, marvelous, like nothing on earth, of your life, with/without distinction, belief, unthinkable, unlikely, ultimate, unveracious, tall, possibly, marvellous, unconceivable, questionable, something will not work/start/open etc., unimaginable, couldn't be better/worse/nicer etc., unsubstantial, fantastic, inconceivable, prodigious.

Examples of usage:

She wrote me, soon after that unbelievable mating: I have married Cecil Grimshaw. - "O. Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories of 1921", Various.

I prayed for this All night, and yet it's unbelievable. - "Emblems Of Love", Lascelles Abercrombie.

That unbelievable phenomenon had escaped my memory. - "The Killer", Stewart Edward White.

Similar words:

unbelievably, unbelievingly, unbelieving, unbelievers, unbearable, unbeatable, unbeliever, unbendable, unbreakable.

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