Synonyms for Uncommon:


all (adjective)
different (adjective)
exceptional (adjective)
unheard-of, uncustomary.
extreme (adjective)
egregious, extreme.
few (adjective)
few and far between.
infrequent (adjective)
infrequent, isolated, sparse, unusual, rare, sporadic, odd, occasional.
irregular (adjective)
nonconforming (adjective)
different, unique, quirky, exceptional, extraordinary, novel, crazy, funny, irregular, inconsistent, odd, bizarre, incompatible, oddball, abnormal, out of the ordinary, un-ordinary, improper, deranged, crosspatch, untypical, freakish, peculiar, misfit, unusual, fey, eccentric, anomalous, idiosyncratic, atypical, singular, nonconforming, curious, incongruous, divergent, uncustomary, erratic, off, mismatch, aberrant, unconventional, deviant, strange, unfamiliar, oddity, outlandish.
unusual (adjective)
exceptional, exotic, rare, extraordinary, unheard-of, unaccustomed, prodigious, remarkable, startling, singular, egregious, unexampled, surprising, extreme, unique, atypical, original, wonderful, nondescript, novel, fabulous, noteworthy, few and far between, unclassifiable, unorthodox, unparalleled, monstrous, peculiar, unusual, unwonted, unaccountable, out-of-the-way, arcane.
very different (adjective)
remarkable, freakish, eccentric, bizarre, extraordinary, novel, unaccustomed, exceptional, prodigious, unique, abnormal, extreme, scarce, unconventional, noteworthy, rare, unusual, original, out of the ordinary, startling, unfamiliar, anomalous, exotic, surprising, odd, infrequent, irregular, peculiar, arcane, aberrant, curious, uncustomary, unorthodox, egregious, singular, strange, sporadic, nondescript.
wonderful, exceptional (adjective)
special, outstanding, unparalleled, unwonted.


longed-for, like gold dust, short, hoped-for, precious, sought-after, at a premium. outstanding, better, awesome, remarkable, magnificent, towering, out of sight, STANDOUT, preeminent. uncommon (noun)
exceptional, unwonted, rare, especial, particular, special, unusual.

Other synonyms:

out of sight, STANDOUT. towering, awesome, preeminent. outstanding. magnificent.

Usage examples for uncommon

  1. They were of uncommon character. – A Red Wallflower by Susan Warner
  2. Upon this the two women fell to weeping in each other's arms, a thing most uncommon for my Aunt Gainor. – Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker by S. Weir Mitchell
  3. They lived in an uncommon world of it. – The Book of Art for Young People by Agnes Conway Sir Martin Conway