Synonyms for Like:


all (adjective)
same, similar.
equal (adjective)
equal, equivalent, identical, indistinguishable, same, tantamount, alike.
identical (adjective)
similar (adjective)
akin, alike, analogous, approximative, close, comparable, congeneric, consistent, consonant, corresponding, equal, equivalent, ersatz, homologous, identical, imitative, matching, near, parallel, related, same, semblance, similar, such, twin, undifferentiated, uniform, Allying, Approximating, Equaling, Jibing, Resembling, congenerous, according to, not far from, in the manner of, much the same, not unlike, of a piece, allied to, conforming with, of the same form, to the effect that.
uniform (adjective)
assonant, consistent, consonant, equable, even, homogeneous, invariable, level, monolithic, regular, seamless, steady, unbroken, undeviating, undifferentiated, undiversified, unvarying, alike, indistinguishable, same, uniform.


archetypal, characteristic, classic, customary, essential, prototypical, traditional, typical, usual. dig, go for, savor, sort of. conceit, now, oh, take to, well, And, O.K., I'm sorry, you know. drink in, get, please, want, will, go in for, delight in, revel in, have your fun, take/find pleasure in (doing) something. leaning, preference, in favor of, rather than, as you please, I'd sooner do something, someone's likes and dislikes. counterpart (noun)
match, parallelism, peer, resemblance, similarity.
like (noun)
alike, care, comparable, corresponding, equal, equivalent, like-minded, look-alike, similar, suchlike, wish.
love (noun)


choose (verb)
adopt, choose, decide, determine, elect, espouse, fancy, favor, judge, pick, select, wish.
choose, feel inclined (verb)
desire, elect, please, prefer, select, want, will, wish.
emotion (verb)
care, wish.
enjoy, be fond of (verb)
admire, adore, appreciate, cherish, dig, esteem, fancy, go for, love, relish, savor, take to, delight in, revel in.
like (verb)
admire, appreciate, enjoy, esteem, prefer, relish.
love (verb)
adore, care, cherish, desire, idolize, infatuate, love, worship.

Other synonyms:

drink in, delight in, revel in. leaning, please, go in for. now, preference, savor, And. conceit, parallel, want. go for, near, oh. will. well. dig. O.K.. get. connected
take to.
Other relevant words:
approximative, archetypal, characteristic, classic, conceit, congeneric, corresponding, customary, dig, essential, get, go for, homologous, leaning, like-minded, look-alike, match, matching, near, now, oh, parallel, parallelism, peer, please, preference, prototypical, related, resemblance, savor, similarity, suchlike, take to, traditional, typical, usual, want, well, will, Allying, And, Approximating, Equaling, Jibing, congenerous, according to, go in for, delight in, revel in, not far from, of a piece, in the manner of, much the same, not unlike.

Usage examples for like

  1. " I see you are like me. – Devil's Ford by Bret Harte
  2. I should like him for that. – The Hollow of Her Hand by George Barr McCutcheon
  3. " Ellen," she said, " you like him." – The Portion of Labor by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman