Synonyms for Winning:


attractive (adjective)
fetching, bewitching, taking, enticing.
triumphal (adjective)
triumphant (adjective)
victorious, successful, champion, conquering, leading.
victorious (adjective)


beguiling, delightful, nice-looking, eye-catching, stunning, captivating, appealing. undone, award-winning, prize-winning, behind, triumphal, blue-ribbon, nip and tuck, adrift, winningest, rival. enchanting, like, enticing, tempting, prepossessing, bewitching, pretty, glamorous, fascinating. acquiring (noun)
victorious (noun)
leading, champion.
victory (noun)
ascendancy, knockout, conquest, mastery, win, Subdual, grand slam, achievement, victory, checkmate, triumph, success, subjection.
winning (noun)
victorious, taking, attractive, fetching, successful.


acquiring (verb)
collecting, bagging, harvesting, assuming, netting, incurring, Procuring, Receiving, Garnering, Luring, scoring, Adding, Amassing, wrangling, buying, Retrieving, fetching, acquiring, Accumulating, Palming, Pocketing, purchasing, landing, Heaping, Annexing, Reaping, Claiming, Cornering.
capturing (verb)
catching, getting, abducting, Apprehending, Capturing, Securing, Achieving, Gaining, Obtaining, Collaring, seizing, arresting, Snatching, taking, Occupying, Snaring.
defeating (verb)
foiling, humbling, Outdoing, Overthrowing, trumping, overpowering, conquering, outplaying, mastering, Subjecting, Defeating, Overturning, crushing, beating, Predominating, Checkmating, Vanquishing, quelling, trouncing, Routing, Subduing, whipping.
dominating (verb)
commanding, Lording, controlling, Presiding, Oppressing, bettering, Overseeing, subordinating, ruling.
succeeding (verb)
prevailing, Consummating, Attaining, Accomplishing, Triumphing, ascending, Fulfilling, Surmounting, Earning, Overcoming, succeeding, dominating.

Other synonyms:

undone, behind, prize-winning, bewitching, rival, blue-ribbon, nip and tuck, award-winning, winningest, enticing. glamorous, prepossessing, triumphal, tempting. pretty, adrift. enchanting
Other relevant words:
glamorous, attractive, victorious, beguiling, fascinating, champion, leading, triumphal, enticing, appealing, pretty, prize-winning, successful, charming, courteous, enchanting, acceptable, adrift, winningest, tempting, bewitching, prepossessing, delightful, award-winning, cute, captivating.

Usage examples for winning

  1. I wish we could go at that pace in life; I should have a certainty of winning – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  2. His was still the winning hand. – Mysterious Mr. Sabin by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  3. He felt that she understood him better than the others, and that he was not winning respect from her. – Nature's Serial Story by E. P. Roe