Synonyms for Staring:


astonished (adjective)
aghast, Marveling, wondering, alarmed, gawking, astonished, bewildered, appalled, overwhelmed, confounded, dumbfounded, fascinated, astounded.


agape (adverb)
confounded, overwhelmed, astonished.


bald (noun)
fixed, stary, dull.


seeing (verb)
regarding, sighting, Perceiving, looking, spying, seeing, observing, discerning, Peering, Glimpsing, viewing, beholding, Gazing, Glancing, glaring, Witnessing, watching, Inspecting, peeking.
wondering (verb)
astonishing, astounding, fascinating, engrossing, gaping, bewildering.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
dull, fixed.

Usage examples for staring

  1. Sometimes it was staring and bewildered, and then it was, " I don't know her. – A Tale of Two Cities A Story of the French Revolution by Charles Dickens
  2. " Yes, Crozier- go," said Richard Arden, staring on him as if his soul was in his eyes; and, after a pause, with an effort, he added-" I'll call there as I go on to Mortlake; tell them I'll see them on my way." – Checkmate by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
  3. Why, I can't go anywhere but I find one of your novels staring me in the face. – Quick Action by Robert W. Chambers