Synonyms for Setting:


calibration, gradation, factor, graduation, geocentric, measure, absolute, metrication, imperial, metric. denouement, content, the credits, ad lib, aside, comic relief, backstory, contrivance, site, place, act, action. bass, andante, performing arts, chorus, allegro, set, concerto, arrangement, chant, cantata, adagio, air. location, center, venue, whereabouts, base. charm, bead, facet, clasp. canteen, cruet, china, cutlery, crockery, earthenware, bone china, dishes, dinner service, crocks. arena (noun)
ground, campus, beat, circle, circuit, gallery, turf, amphitheater, region, courtyard, colosseum, bailiwick, ring, battle-ground, theater, province, locale, field, auditorium, dominion, stage, gymnasium, room, circus, realm, precinct, battlefield, pen, area, domain, hall, enclosure, arena, hippodrome.
location (noun)
scene, background (noun)
ambience, horizon, perspective, set, mounting, locale, shade, stage setting, framework, shadow, surroundings, site, distance, frame, location.
setting (noun)
mount, Mise En Scene, scene, stage setting, background, place setting, scope.
stage setting (noun)
stage setting, set.


allotting (verb)
sharing, rationing, Allotting, Dispensing, slicing, Allowing, apportioning, giving, measuring, Earmarking, Distributing, dividing, dealing, splitting, parceling, cutting, Meting, Portioning, partitioning, budgeting, segmenting, allocating.
attributing (verb)
Applying, Attaching, marking, branding, Blaming, connecting, Attributing, Citing, casting, Imputing, Crediting, Referring, Accrediting, Ascribing, assigning, Acknowledging, Placing.
changing (verb)
varying, mutating, Adapting, Diversifying, Converting, Adjusting, transiting, Modulating, Transforming, Deviating, changing, reforming, Transposing, fluctuating, Modifying, Transfiguring, altering, vacillating.
compensating (verb)
Neutralizing, offsetting, balancing, Correcting, Counteracting, Compensating, Squaring, Canceling, counterbalancing, Nullifying, tuning.
congealing (verb)
thickening, Coagulating, Congealing, solidifying, jelling, hardening.
enacting (verb)
Decreeing, legislating, Ordaining, Enacting.
locating (verb)
putting, positioning, situating, Unearthing, locating, pinpointing, Stationing, posting, Discovering, spotting, finding, laying.
ordering (verb)
scheming, subordinating, charting, Forming, Righting, Preparing, devising, grading, Harmonizing, regulating, programming, unifying, grouping, settling, unsnarling, designing, Arraying, arranging, Mediating, planning, Marshalling, structuring, Methodizing, shaping, controlling, Collating, ordering, pigeonholing, sorting, ranking, Stratifying, screening, integrating, stabilizing, rating, framing, Classing, composing, Classifying, orchestrating, sifting, fixing, typing, schematizing, Systematizing, Maintaining, rationalizing, supporting, scoring, categorizing, Organizing, normalizing, Separating, scheduling, Establishing, Plotting.
preparing (verb)
fashioning, Currying, fitting, outfitting, Mobilizing, fostering, Constructing, readying, Formulating, making, drafting, warming up, Furnishing, dressing, priming, Fabricating, developing, equipping.

Other synonyms:

venue, bead. facet, whereabouts, site. location. center. charm. base. place. set. mise en scene
Mise En Scene.
Other relevant words:
crockery, base, absolute, china, metric, distance, frame, charm, factor, cutlery, location, mount, canteen, scene, chorus, surroundings, stage setting, whereabouts, imperial, air, earthenware, clasp, set, geocentric, center, crocks, denouement, bass, act, action, ambience, horizon, place, concerto, graduation, shadow, dishes, allegro, andante, site, background, facet, adagio, aside, gradation, bead, cantata, measure, place setting, mounting, arrangement, backstory, scope, content, chant, venue, contrivance, metrication, framework, cruet, shade, calibration, perspective, Mise En Scene.

Usage examples for setting

  1. By way of passing the time before setting the guard, he asked Ulna where he had learned English so well. – Lost in the Cañon by Alfred R. Calhoun
  2. Mrs. Hastings has been setting you on; I partly expected it. – Masters of the Wheat-Lands by Harold Bindloss