Synonyms for Layout:


articulation, column, arabesque, array, chronology, check, coloration, argyle. plan, copperplate, idea, schema, galley, blueprint, capitalise, project, design, bold, capitalize, dotted line, font, game plan, strategy, scheme, full page, planned. disposal, classification, order, deployment, grouping, distribution, lineup, organization, categorization, sequence. arrangement (noun)
design, draft, purpose, organization, plan.
course of action (noun)
lineup (noun)
location (noun)
order (noun)
physical arrangement (noun)
design, draft, blueprint, purpose, formation, plan, organization.
plan (noun)
situation (noun)
location, formation, arrangement, disposition, standing, post, property, ambience, modality, configuration, circumstance, condition, station, scene, mode, state, situation, status, environment, spot, aspect, position, placement, site, quality, style.

Other synonyms:

categorization, deployment, schema, design, grouping. lineup, game plan, scheme, strategy, project, order. disposal, classification. sequence, blueprint. organization, idea, distribution. arrangement
Other relevant words:
column, design, arabesque, sequence, scheme, distribution, disposal, plan, check, purpose, game plan, bold, chronology, organization, blueprint, grouping, classification, articulation, deployment, project, order, argyle, planned, lineup, font, coloration, strategy, capitalize, capitalise, galley, array, idea, schema, draft, categorization, copperplate.

Usage examples for layout

  1. Our pioneer brigade, carefully selected from the competent Out- of- Works in the City Colony, would be sent down to layout the estate and prepare it for those who would come after. – In-Darkest-England-and-the-Way-Out by Booth, William
  2. They traced the wires and soon found out the whole layout – Ted Marsh on an Important Mission by Elmer Sherwood