Synonyms for Stronghold:


destination, cradle, dumping ground, aerie, cattle auction, dust trap, center of excellence, dodge city, anchorage, disaster area. location, setting, scene, refuge, site, base, center, place, locale, haven, whereabouts, venue. battlefield, breach, emplacement, beachhead, buffer zone, disputed, dugout, cockpit, bridgehead. artifact (noun)
bastion (noun)
defense, protection, support.
bulwark (noun)
barrier, security, guard, safeguard.
defense (noun)
barricade, protection, counterattack, stockade, harbor, safeguard, buffer, backfire, cover, guard, countermeasure, answer, bastille, argument, moat, wall, return, defense, reply, support, response, resistance, retort, aversion, rebuttal, barrier, fortress, shield, armor, screen, security, fence, shelter.
fortification (noun)
garrison (noun)
prison (noun)
confine, tether, cooler, gaol, reformatory, bridle, irons, keep, dungeon, manacle, cage, Alcatraz, pinion, prison, jail, oubliette, jailhouse, fence, cell, San Quentin, stockade, lockup, penitentiary, pen, straight jacket, vise, penal colony, harness, collar, shackle, pillory, jug, reform school, handcuff, pound, bastille, brig, coop.
refuge (noun)
anchorage, harbor, haven.
stronghold (noun)
fastness, fortress, keep.
tower (noun)

Other synonyms:

refuge. Other relevant words:
fastness, refuge, beachhead, bridgehead, haven.

Usage examples for stronghold

  1. The Sotiates being routed, they retired to their principal stronghold but it was stormed, and they submitted. – The World's Greatest Books, Vol XI. by Edited by Arthur Mee and J.A. Hammerton
  2. The latter is pretty certainly the town which had sprung up on the site of Caswallon's stronghold so that we may reasonably conclude that Tasciovan was the successor of the patriot hero on the Cateuchlanian throne- very probably his son. – Early Britain--Roman Britain by Edward Conybeare
  3. So, in my case; all the work, near and afar, that tended to the end, had been accomplished; and in an instant the blow was struck, and the roof of my stronghold dropped upon me. – Great Expectations by Charles Dickens