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possess (verb)

monopolize, claim, possess, have, acquire, own.

stop (verb)

end, stay, cease, halt, stop, terminate, freeze, pause.

Other synonyms:

confirm, lend oneself, affect, fix, corroborate, range, nurse, leadership, nurture, break, choreograph, take over, have got, bring/call someone/something to mind, choose, fox, catch, confine, build, firm up, display, commit, go over, mince, back, restrict, require, go, make up, excite, dungeon, dedicate, have, afloat, intromit, ruffle, kick in, puddle, bobby pin, bristle with, assert, chequer, view as, back up, deferment, exact, insure, sacrifice, bilge, suitcase, implement, stick up, befuddle, wield, accord, remove, pee, pull in, shed, adhesive friction, truss, let, flirt with, lead, nail, live on, acknowledge, watch, post, postulate, contrive, defy, hairgrip, dial, guide, charter, ease up, switch, give up to, impart, chasten, bag, predominate, give birth, deliver, establish, keep up, prevail, urinate, bar, continue, have a mind of your own, pin down, progress to, embosom, custody, breastfeed, bosom, eternity, afford, double over, hug, lease, yield, pass, mark off, incur, harmonize, expect, tone down, limit, let in, apprehend, cumber, feed, contact, consecrate, utilize, bay, set aside, give away, bookable, halt, hurl, suss out, climbing wall, got, transmit, hold fast, survive, opine, time lag, pee-pee, look into, encumber, carry, arr., nominate, stand for, intercept, defecate, strike, cut back, train, ascertain, restrain, take aim, give suck, retain, kibosh, ignite, grow in, retard, lift, take for, give way, restraint, make, circumscribe, shoot, cut off, moderate, stockpile, offer, jail, mark, take away, ingest, inhibit, wear, caress, refuse, deal, seduce, free, throw away, surrender, patronize, say, make believe, hold out, orchestrate, grant, spellbind, stand up, reconcile, sweep to/from power, tally, suit, fight down, toy with, voice, crane, travelling bag, coincide, hold water, check up on, need, awaken, apply, take, use, show, throttle, stock, try for, withstand, move over, call in, set up, gift, annex, digest, feature, cargo area, proceed, realize, involve, deferral, harbor, take in, arouse, subjugate, berth, incline, represent, living, clutches, curtail, reckon, continuity, hoard, opinion, hit, clear, hire, inspire, handgrip, see, contain, entertain, ensure, climber, trammel, cuddle, croon, subscribe to, shoulder, bind, convene, devote, take a crap, book on, rent, aisle seat, deport, grip, catch up, base camp, recollect, check, tick off, boast, hold off, triumph, keep, arrive at, hold in, fight back, support, check over, campaign, provoke, cite, ask, discombobulate, take hold, patronage, pay, subdue, adhere to, extend, ascend, grasp, carry a tune, hold open, stamp down, pretend, hump, transfix, fend for, maintain, balance, clutch bag, spend a penny, take a shit, think of, adopt, rein, stick to, full, admiration, sustenance, take prisoner, fill, climb, stem, agree, find, boom, perceptiveness, be burdened with something, collect, holdup, go for, induce, capture, adapt, abide, allege, earn, resist, book, preservation, burst/break into song, clasp, exercise, do, take to, dare, stick in your mind/memory, vocalize, make water, fancy, stimulate, endorse, confuse, detain, chip in, take on, appreciation, form, look at, sense, aft, check into, thwart, argue, last, hand, institutionalize, intern, caller, burrow, hold down, house, permanence, check off, necessitate, monopoly, remember, delay, indorse, curb, verify, climbing, observe, oppose, handling, hope, call for, contend, relive, bear, suckle, storm, declare, batch, make no secret of something, obtain, stick, rouse, employ, standardize, besiege, booking office, oligopoly, sustain, demand, project, champion, go along, go on, wet-nurse, tick, take into custody, consent, prepare, limber up, bus, manifest, cower, survival, name, bond, sculpt, persist, rate, oblige, shield, booking, exert, enforce, defend, work, sing out, traveling bag, transport, discernment, correspond, contents, pack, crap, organize, might, imagine, hold back, prove out, stomach, construct, clip, schlep, tie, consort, bring before, collapse, stand, endure, find out, underpin, fuddle, nuzzle, turn over, lactate, make prisoner, amidships, render, jibe, persuade, film, traction, fascinate, consistency, belong to, generate, loosen up, substantiate, work out, crouch, bedevil, pick up, contract, compel, constipate, plunk for, bring, beam, engage, fit, give, confound, allow, cop, soften, concur, pin, get, leave, throw off, know best, take charge, bandage, enthrall, conceal, grab, convey, have a bun in the oven, stanch, suffer, obstruct, guard, call, bridle, forbear, cast off, avouch, figure, arrest, checker, attach, be a great/firm believer in something, detainment, level, silence, uphold, greatness, jog along, chair, stand firm, tend, live, have in, staunch, kiss, tap, announce, comport, get hold of, reserve, conduct, true, study, nourish, planned, blade, thrust, celebrate, clutch, ascent, canyoneering, aim, walk away with, let yourself go, squeeze, mesmerize, canvass, incarcerate, aver, flip, aboard, wee-wee, disturb, produce, burn off, obligate, hold someone for ransom, constrain, cargo deck, caving, remain, subscribe, hold on, intimidate, utilise, waiting, sorted, acquit, plan, call up, realise, micturate, manipulate, put up, earmark, recognize, brake, wash, tingle, run, patronise, appeal, stick out, gain, board, pass on, use up, lay down, bring in, occupy, determine, sing along, consume, drive, cave in, fall in, lock away, channel, jog, bear out, check out, bow, keep going, think, storage area, harbour, warm up, express, reach, shake off, store up, appear, invade, shit, press, cast, dribble, contribute, bubble, conciliate, concord, enjoy, get in, ready, feel, clinch, serenade, answer, temper, founder, hands, seem, plump for, postponement, piddle, keep from, keep open, match, keep on, prolong, stage, abseil, bit, fight, practice, cargo hold, turn back, assure, bread and butter, admit, hold up, suspect, fit in, brush, do something from memory, incorporate, arraign, pat, piss, gestate, bound, select, secure, lodge, owned, put away, draw, detention, create, tie up, open, keep in line, score, get to, nab, burn, in, think about, put on, touch, clutch pedal, continuation, see to it, state, overflow, condition, compass, believe in, wee, crook, haul, relieve oneself, avow, keep back, return, stability, present, take control, busy signal, taste, drop, pass water, bestride, rivet, enfold, tame, force, think back, learn, sing, take up, express yourself, suck, cause, arrange, outlive, save, pick out, operate, cook, crack, tie down, stool, be stamped on your memory/mind, throw, gibe, block, conquer, wait, die hard, bemuse, birth, ca-ca, submit, clench, donjon, bewilder, harmonise, attain, busy, longevity, behave, brook, ward, adjudge, experience, consider, bend, take a leak, livelihood, constitute, regularize, collar, tolerate, invoke, call back, bowsprit, immobilize, chant, handle, asseverate, stabilize, read, constancy, stay fresh, allow in, turn out, appropriate.

Examples of usage:

It has no hold on the heart. - "Orthodoxy: Its Truths And Errors", James Freeman Clarke.

Don't ask me to hold my hand! - "Man to Man", Jackson Gregory.

If I did I should make such a fool of myself that I could never again hold up my head. - "Orley Farm", Anthony Trollope.

Similar words:

scissors hold, taking hold, take hold, take hold of, sea holm, swallow hole, top-hole, post hole, post-hole digger, the holy see.

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