Synonyms for Shoulder:


deal with, make the best of something, arm, handle, combat, address, face, take something on board, do something, see about. capsule, antler, anatomy, blowhole, bony, body, belly, ledge, anatomical, carapace, protrusion, ridge, collar. armpit, complain, ankle, ball, calf, object, clubfoot, arch, appendage, big toe, shed tears, cry. incur, accept, breast pocket, care label, take on, take over, buttonhole, tackle, bodice, undertake, coattails, bib, assume, armhole. bring, carry, hold, schlep, be burdened with something, hump, haul, lift. crown, Brae, cairn, crest, cap, brink, crag, the brow, escarpment, divide. pass, walk-on, flow, move, go, carry on, head, forge ahead, progress, press. heave, jab, prod, thrust, thrust aside, shove, jar, strain. kerb, milepost, curb, hedgerow, embankment, bus stop, gutter, milestone, lay-by, lamppost. shoulder (noun)
shoulder joint, Articulatio Humeri.
side (noun)
haunch, border, side, shank, flank.


be responsible for (verb)
carry, take on, accept, assume.
endeavor (verb)
push, jostle (verb)
thrust, shove, press.

Other synonyms:

thrust aside, carry. schlep, incur, assume. prod. thrust, jab, hump. haul. tackle, bring. jar. strain. lift. hold. jostle
Other relevant words:
head, curb, progress, shove, calf, hold, belly, arm, carapace, handle, bodice, ball, lamppost, incur, cap, complain, flow, jar, antler, bony, undertake, gutter, coattails, carry, address, crest, hedgerow, ankle, cry, armpit, buttonhole, milestone, object, protrusion, take on, lift, strain, Articulatio Humeri, accept, go, pass, crag, divide, escarpment, shoulder joint, brink, kerb, anatomical, armhole, bring, schlep, cairn, clubfoot, ledge, blowhole, hump, move, haul, capsule, collar, anatomy, take over, thrust aside, body, lay-by, arch, face, ridge, Brae, prod, combat, thrust, tackle, jab, bib, press, assume, heave, crown, milepost, embankment, appendage.

Usage examples for shoulder

  1. Ricky, looking over Kenniston's shoulder spoke appalledly. – The World with a Thousand Moons by Edmond Hamilton
  2. She dropped herself upon his shoulder – Indian Summer by William D. Howells
  3. Her head settled down on Kate's shoulder – The Readjustment by Will Irwin