Synonyms for Shelf:


shallow (adjective)


customer care, shallow, aftermarket, reef, detail, churn rate, buyer's market, shoal, ridge, credit rating, cold call, direct marketing, call, rock, cross-selling, mantle. leaf, rack, foot, runner, top, leg, caster, counter, castor, head. coral reef, the seafloor, oyster bed, cay, sandbank, the seabed, sand bar. container (noun)
container, belly, jar, bowl, storage, flask, chest, basket, can, bucket, vault, cabinet, pocket, stomach, bag, crate, jug, bladder, closet, decanter, locker, repository, cask, bottle, purse, suitcase, barrel, cup, bin, reservoir, cupboard, trunk, drawer, holder, box, pouch, receptacle, vat, case, drum, tank, wallet, tray, sack, ladle.
cupboard (noun)
chest of drawers, highboy, chiffonnier, bureau, buffet, Lowboy, escritoire, safe, desk, sideboard, commode, kitchen cabinet, davenport, dresser.
jutting, flat area or piece (noun)
ledge, mantelpiece, counter, shoal, reef, cupboard, ridge, rock, shallow, mantle, rack.
shelf (noun)
ledge, mantel, mantelpiece.

Other synonyms:

rack, sand bar, coral reef, the seabed, the seafloor, reef, caster, cay, castor, oyster bed. shoal. leaf. leg. runner, foot. top. head. board
Other relevant words:
top, reef, rock, ledge, coral reef, sand bar, castor, ridge, mantle, shallow, sandbank, counter, cay, rack, shoal, leaf.

Usage examples for shelf

  1. Allison packed the finished articles away in a hat- box after supper, and put them up on a shelf in her closet. – The Little Colonel at Boarding-School by Annie Fellows Johnston
  2. And it isn't as though this Miss Castlemaine had fears of being placed on the shelf – The Man Who Rose Again by Joseph Hocking
  3. There it is on that shelf it's the same- sized parcel that it used to be. – The Squirrel Inn by Frank R. Stockton