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stopper - 48 results
closure (noun)

closure, obstruction, choke, fastener, plug, seal, cork, lock.

plug (noun)

plug, cover, stop, spile, spigot, valve, bung, tap, cork.

Examples of usage:

Colleville tried by a few jovialities to raise the temperature of the assemblage; but the coarse salt of his witticisms had an effect, in the atmosphere in which he produced them, of a loud laugh in a sick- chamber; and a mute intimation from his wife, Thuillier, and la Peyrade to behave himself put a stopper on his liveliness and turbulent expansion. - "The Lesser Bourgeoisie", Honore de Balzac.

He had no choice but to walk up to the medicine bottle whose stopper was out. - "Lonesome Town", Ethel and James Dorrance.

You put the stopper on to that intention. - "The Dark Tower", Phyllis Bottome.

Similar words:

show-stopper, stomper, stopped, stopple, stopover, stoppard, stoner, Sir Tom Stoppard, stoppage, trade stoppage.

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