Synonyms for Reject:


grind down, hit out, shove around, trample, mistreat, do someone wrong, kick around, abuse. applicant, biodata, application form, apply, cast off, bid, affirmative action, throw out, appraisal, bidder, appraise, application, cast out. blood donor, transplant, donor, nix, donor card, donation, graft, donate, blood bank. react against, contradict, take issue with someone/something, Disacknowledge, contest. an apology for something, parody, dog, rubbish, a pathetic/poor/sad excuse for something, dross. have/have got against, tear up, go against, declare against, stand against, rebel. shake your head. inferior (noun)
loser, lemon, nonstarter, flop, second, second banana, second fiddle, failure, dud, born loser, has-been, subaltern, turkey, subordinate, underling, underachiever, inferior, underdog, also-ran.
reject (noun)
decline, spurn, freeze off, pooh-pooh, disdain, refuse, rule out, pass up, eliminate, cull, turn away, scorn, disapprove, turn down.


annul (verb)
abolish, extinguish, invalidate, divorce, delete, nullify, dissolve, negate, Disaffirm, veto, abnegate, obliterate, destroy, revoke, efface, neutralize, disavow, eradicate, refute, annul, repudiate, undo, retract.
disagree (verb)
bicker, disagree, dispute, conflict, object, complain, challenge, defy, demur, dissent, argue, antagonize, contend, clash, differ, oppose, collide.
discharge (verb)
throw out.
exclude (verb)
ban, forbid, proscribe, prohibit, ignore, amputate, disqualify.
prohibit (verb)
constrain, suppress, curb, inhibit, restrict, preclude, block, restrain, oppress, prevent, outlaw, control, refuse.
refuse (verb)
decline, disincline, disdain.
reject (verb)
jettison, shear, scrap, discard, disclaim, curtail, deep-six, belch, lop, evacuate, junk, excise, emit, secrete, check, snip, excrete, exude, trash, drain, discharge, crop, blacklist, cull, seep, deny, cut, oppugn, disgorge, exhaust, eliminate, eject, chop, disapprove, disallow, jilt, exclude, spew, clip, bar, vent, blackball, shed, erupt, vomit, abandon.
repulse (verb)
snub, repel, spurn, repulse, rebuff.
rid (verb)
desert, part with, release, drop, rid, dispose, dismiss, forsake, leave, relegate, capitulate, cancel, forgo, disown, let go, waive, dispel.
say no to (verb)
discard, second, deny, exclude, jettison, dismiss, cast out, disdain, scorn, rebuff, repudiate, shed, spurn, renounce, pass up, jilt, eliminate, throw out, decline, refuse, veto, cast off, repulse, nix, repel, disallow, scrap, turn down.
seclude (verb)
confine, insulate, extradite, deport, banish, cloister, ostracize, disbar, oust, boycott, extirpate, detach, closet, seclude, separate, expatriate, exile, isolate, excommunicate, evict, segregate, expel, remove, sequester, cordon, alienate, screen.

Other synonyms:

donate, donor, stand against, nix, go against, abuse, donation. parody, contest. rebel, transplant, tear up. graft. dog. abandon
leave, forsake.
Disacknowledge, disclaim.
pooh-pooh, cast out.
get rid of
turn away.

Usage examples for reject

  1. Do you reject me? – Thaddeus of Warsaw by Jane Porter
  2. We must reject everything which goes beyond these. – Edward Caldwell Moore Outline of the History of Christian Thought Since Kant by Edward Moore
  3. " You reject the good with the bad," she replied shaking her head. – The Children of the World by Paul Heyse