Synonyms for Gun:


applicator, adjustable wrench, blowtorch, bellows, awl, Allen Wrench, blowlamp, bit, bradawl, box end wrench. bb gun, 045, air gun, air rifle, help, plug, shoot, automatic, derringer. bus, back up, block in, car pool, bypass, box in, carve up, carry, change down, buckle up. armament(s) (noun)
ammunition, weaponry.
assassin (noun)
gun (noun)
grease-gun, hit man, revolver, heavy weapon, accelerator, handgun, gas, cannon, hired gun, mortar, shooter, ordnance, throttle, shotgun, triggerman, torpedo, gunslinger, artillery, pistol, gas pedal, peashooter, musket, howitzer, gunman, rifle, accelerator pedal.
quicken (noun)
accelerate, stimulate, speed up, hasten.
weapon (noun)
bullet, broadsword, arrow, ammunition, cannon, machete, ordnance, browning, blowgun, artillery, cutlass, blunderbuss, dagger, piece, bomber, heater, sword, club, missile, javelin, machine gun, pistol, weapon, firearm, weaponry, musket, claymore, spear, bayonet, stiletto, luger, ax, flamethrower, Bilbo, rifle, blowpipe, howitzer, saber, scimitar, mace, shotgun, shell, colt, repeater, peashooter, rapier, handgun, shooter, carbine, bow and arrow, mortar, battery, revolver, sidewinder, rocket, armament, torpedo, trigger, bazooka, boomerang, winchester, lance, knife, Remington, muzzle.


accelerate (verb)
stimulate, hasten, speed up.
bring (verb)

Other synonyms:

shoot. Other relevant words:
bit, heavy weapon, stimulate, awl, blowtorch, gunman, help, gas pedal, applicator, gunslinger, shoot, bellows, plug, bradawl, accelerate, carry, grease-gun, throttle, bypass, triggerman, air gun, blowlamp, gas, bus, automatic, hit man, accelerator pedal, hasten, derringer, hired gun, accelerator.

Usage examples for gun

  1. " Take the gun Sylv. – True and Other Stories by George Parsons Lathrop
  2. Mother of Heaven, there goes the gun again! – The Light of Scarthey by Egerton Castle
  3. Is your gun ready? – The Major by Ralph Connor