Synonyms for Stress:


balance, amplitude, bonding, calorific, absorbance, capillary action, air resistance, centripetal force, centrifugal force, attraction. aspirate, close vowel, bilabial, affricate, consonant, alveolar, assonance, important, accentuation, closed syllable, aspiration. feature, point up, italicize, distress, highlight, worry, play up, concern. hardly dare (to) breathe, panic, agonize, fret, upset yourself, have a lot on your mind. nightmare, trouble, quagmire, crisis, ordeal, worst-case scenario, tragedy, battle. discord, chord, dissonance, drumming, music, harmony, drumroll, mode, lilt, crescendo. accent (noun)
alarm (noun)
panic, apprehension, distress.
brunt (noun)
communication (noun)
accent, emphasis.
difficulty (noun)
emphasis (noun)
priority, accentuation, hyperbole.
friction (noun)
importance (noun)
significance, eminence, urgency, status, priority.
nerves (noun)
predicament (noun)
pressure (noun)
extension, distention, force, intensity, stretch, protraction, traction, spring, pull, draw.
state (noun)
stress (noun)
force, hardship, burden, passion, fear, emphasis, punctuate, weight, anxiety, emphasise, emphasize, alarm, misgiving, restlessness, trepidation, protraction, worry, disquiet, ferment, flutter, mistrust, nervousness, accentuate, dread, intensity, strain, trial, tension, expectancy, pull, extension, accent, try, tenseness, draw, significance, stretch, importance, accentuation, traction, disquietude, fearfulness, urgency, distention, import, focus, impatience, agony, affliction, spring.
tightness (noun)


accent (verb)
accentuate, intensify, highlight, emphasize.
assert (verb)
compel (verb)
stimulate, impel, compel, pressure, oblige, coerce, daunt, dragoon, propel, intimidate, bully, push, goad, browbeat, cause, foment, motivate, urge, bulldoze, dictate, mandate, nag, incite, galvanize, press, spark, hijack, drive.
intensify (verb)
escalate, sharpen, increase, deepen, intensify, emphasize, heighten, magnify, accentuate, underline, exaggerate.
stress (verb)
play up, italicize, feature, fret, underline, point up.

Other synonyms:

highlight, ordeal, jitters, disquiet, importance, quagmire, nightmare, accentuation. italicize, crisis, worry, tragedy, hardship. battle. trial. distress. concern. accent
accent, point up.
emphasis, hyperbole.
Other relevant words:
concern, eminence, extension, pull, ferment, apprehension, hyperbole, dread, emphasis, nightmare, fearfulness, play up, draw, focus, significance, disquiet, mistrust, impatience, fret, tenseness, highlight, distention, anxiety, burden, affliction, traction, spring, alarm, importance, trepidation, restlessness, jitters, weight, accentuation, pinch, punctuate, import, tension, fear, disquietude, trouble, agony, reiterate, status, distress, priority, crisis, lilt, emphasise, accent, nervousness, intensity, try, urgency, flutter, protraction, trial, gravity, point up, hardship, passion, force, worry, feature, expectancy, stretch, strain, misgiving, italicize.

Usage examples for stress

  1. The stress now getting beyond endurance, her lip quivered, and she was obliged to go away. – Tess of the d'Urbervilles A Pure Woman by Thomas Hardy
  2. She also saw that the little bear was greatly excited, and under the stress of temptation. – The Log School-House on the Columbia by Hezekiah Butterworth