Synonyms for Relief:


boost, development, improvement, leap, remission, self-improvement, turnaround, makeover, comforting, upswing, step change, a change for the better/worse. aggressor, battle cry, belligerent, black out, cheer, contentment, happiness, satisfaction, Beleaguered, air cover, bombed-out, active duty, active service. acupressure, acupuncture, alternative medicine, anaesthesia, analgesia, anesthesia, artificial insemination, balm, change, clothing, diversion, drug, food, hypodermic, medicine, nursing, redress, reinforcement, shelter, variety, Artificial Feeding, aftercare, aromatherapy. alms, cause, charitable, charity, community chest, community service, configuration, contour, decoration, donate, projection, collection box. abetment, assist, child support, hand, means test, social security, assisted living, child benefit, the social. allowance, audit, chancellor of the exchequer, chargeable, increase, palliation, claw back, corporate welfare, the Boston Tea Party, 1040 form, 1099. ancillary, auxiliary, breadwinner, commuter, cowboy, dole, handout, welfare, Public Assistance, apparatchik, career woman, desk person, duty officer. associate, co-worker, colleague, counterpart, junior, opposite number, subordinate, superior, workmate. aid (noun)
agency, aid, assistance, attendant, avail, benefit, encouragement, endowment, facilitation, help, ministration, motivation, service, support, sustenance, Mothering.
assist (noun)
condolence (noun)
commiseration, condolence, reassurance, sympathy.
dismissal (noun)
absolution, amnesty, concession, discharge, dismissal, dispensation, exception, excuse, exemption, freedom, immunity, liberty, license, pardon, permission, privilege, release, reprieve, stay, waiver.
freedom (noun)
happiness (noun)
delight, ecstasy, elation, euphoria, jollity, joy, nirvana, pleasure.
inactivity (noun)
interruption (noun)
break, delay, hiatus, hitch, interlude, interruption, interval, pause, postponement, recess, snag, stoppage, suspension.
model (noun)
relief (noun)
alleviation, appeasement, assuagement, backup, backup man, comfort, consolation, cure, ease, easement, easing, embossment, mercy, mildness, ministration, moderation, reliever, relievo, remedy, respite, rest, rest period, rilievo, sculptural relief, solace, substitute, succor, succour, fill in, stand in.
remedy, aid; relaxation (noun)
alleviation, appeasement, assistance, assuagement, balm, break, cheer, comfort, consolation, contentment, cure, deliverance, diversion, ease, easement, extrication, hand, happiness, help, maintenance, release, remission, reprieve, respite, rest, satisfaction, solace, succor, support, sustenance, comforting.
rescue (noun)
deliverance, emancipation, extrication, rescue, salvation.
sculpture (noun)
bronze, bust, cameo, carving, cast, figure, figurine, mannequin, molding, sculpture, statue.
state (noun)
substitute (noun)
support (noun)


aid (verb)
maintenance, welfare.

Other synonyms:

abetment, balm, child support, co-worker, colleague, counterpart, means test, opposite number, palliation, remission, social security, workmate, Public Assistance, assisted living, child benefit. satisfaction, subordinate. handout, welfare. associate, hand, superior. junior. charity
alms, dole.
Other relevant words:
abetment, acupressure, acupuncture, aggressor, allowance, alms, anaesthesia, analgesia, ancillary, anesthesia, assist, associate, audit, auxiliary, backup, backup man, balm, belligerent, boost, breadwinner, carve, cause, change, chargeable, charitable, charity, cheer, clothing, co-worker, colleague, commuter, configuration, contentment, contour, counterpart, cowboy, decoration, delight, development, diversion, dole, donate, drug, ease, easing, ecstasy, elation, embossment, euphoria, food, hand, handout, happiness, hypodermic, improvement, increase, jollity, joy, junior, leap, maintenance, medicine, moderation, nirvana, nursing, palliation, pedestal, phallic, phallus, pleasure, plinth, projection, redress, reinforcement, reliever, relievo, remission, rest, rest period, rilievo, satisfaction, sculptural relief, self-improvement, shelter, social security, subordinate, substitute, succor, succour, superior, turnaround, variety, welfare, workmate, Beleaguered, makeover, bas relief, Public Assistance, comforting, aftercare, upswing, bombed-out, apparatchik, aromatherapy, 1099.

Usage examples for relief

  1. I wish you well," and his tone was one of decided relief – The Case and The Girl by Randall Parrish
  2. Relief came with her first words. – Lonesome Town by Ethel and James Dorrance
  3. " Everything seems to have turned out rather well," Louise remarked in relief – The Clock Strikes Thirteen by Mildred A. Wirt