Synonyms for Disturbance:


brawl, fight, flight, mover, action, quarrel, motion, locomotion, transfer, transit. difficulty, whirlpool, shock, unruliness, turbulence, burden, clamor, explosion, spasm, rampage, riot, furor, gale, trials and tribulations, tremor, avalanche, problem, upheaval, quake, flood, storm, eruption, violence, whirlwind, change, earthquake, hurricane, hardship, flurry, uproar, tornado, restlessness, blowing, baggage, nuisance, revolution, ferment, issue, tempest. condition, confusion, complaint, irregularity, contagion, epidemic, disease, infection, sickness, ailment, illness. bedlam, distress, uneasiness. movement, rearrangement, displacement, shift, move. dementia, mania, lunacy, insanity, psychopathy, unbalance, mental illness, craziness, aberration, brainsickness, madness, alienation, insaneness, sane. aggravation (noun)
bother, trouble, bedevilment, harassment, inflammation, enragement, ire, torment, scorn, petulance, indignation, perturbation, vexation, arousal, virulence, pique, irritation, exasperation, exacerbation, provocation, resentment, aggravation, discomposure, annoyance.
agitation (noun)
turmoil, disorder, agitation, disarrangement, palpitation, commotion, convulsion, jerkiness, disquiet.
cataclysm (noun)
commotion; upset (noun)
annoyance, brawl, quarrel, distraction, disorder, uproar, eruption, tremor, riot, stir, perturbation, rampage, disruption, bother, fray, shock, storm, spasm, upheaval, disarrangement, agitation, clamor, ferment, violence, confusion, explosion, turmoil, quake, convulsion, restlessness, to-do.
disagreement (noun)
disorder (noun)
disturbance (noun)
flutter, fray, turmoil, folie, kerfuffle, stir, hoo-ha, to-do, mental disorder, noise, psychological disorder, hoo-hah, perturbation, hurly burly, commotion, affray, ruffle, disruption, interference, mental disturbance.
event (noun)
insaneness (noun)
mental disorder.
insanity (noun)
psychopathy (noun)
violence (noun)

Other synonyms:

locomotion, hardship, nuisance, illness, brainsickness, insaneness, difficulty, psychopathy, storm, violence, unsettling, rearrangement, mental illness, bedlam, Distracting, diversionary, transit, mover, displacement, fight, motion, craziness. confusion, dementia, burden, problem, flight, madness, lunacy, preoccupation, revolution, baggage, off-putting. insanity, issue, diversion, transfer, haze. aberration, alienation, mania. movement. action. commotion
hurly burly.
stir, ferment.
Other relevant words:
difficulty, madness, mania, lunacy, flurry, locomotion, to-do, uneasiness, hoo-hah, uproar, kerfuffle, change, upheaval, off-putting, Distracting, problem, hoo-ha, illness, agitation, clamor, displacement, furor, tremor, unbalance, burden, aberration, fray, preoccupation, haze, mover, psychological disorder, confusion, insaneness, ferment, rearrangement, shock, riot, revolution, craziness, folie, unsettling, quake, mental disorder, fight, move, motion, movement, affray, spasm, helter-skelter, shift, explosion, gale, distress, bedlam, interference, action, tempest, violence, disruption, whirlwind, rampage, stir, flight, alienation, transfer, storm, restlessness, distraction, psychopathy, insanity, dementia, irregularity, quarrel, noise, brawl, eruption, mental disturbance, turbulence, ruffle, baggage, tornado, nuisance, flutter, brainsickness, mental illness, hurricane.

Usage examples for disturbance

  1. Taking advantage of the momentary disturbance Byrd turned to his colleague with the agitated inquiry: " Hickory, is this what you have had in your mind for the last few days?" – Hand and Ring by Anna Katharine Green
  2. On the one occasion when we were alone, he devoted four out of five minutes to telling me what he had learned of the night disturbance in front of the House of the Crocodile. – It Happened in Egypt by C. N. Williamson A. M. Williamson
  3. They all marched along with no disturbance until they reached the corner of the street into which they had to turn in order to approach Lloyd's. – The Portion of Labor by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman