Synonyms for Say:


well, oh, good/oh Lord, wow, AAH, Hey, OOH. utter, words, have a mind of your own, know best, consider, believe in, incline, adhere to. vent, deliver, give someone to understand (that), brief, communicate, convey, verbalize, relay, advise, point out, let someone know, report, divulge. YO, right, just/wait a moment, hello, look, participate, listen up, suffrage, all-right, see, okay then, vote, say-so. control, domination, might, oligopoly, leadership, force, power, authority, greatness, monopoly. invoke, mention, allude to, refer to, touch on, note, talk in terms of something, come up, raise, tell of. command, boss around, tax with, instruct, order around, push around, require. delineate, describe, pin down, set forth, paint, exemplify, set out, define, illustrate, profile. rephrase, restate, put words into someone's mouth, paraphrase, echo, repeat, quote, rattle off, recap. connote, cohere, suggest, denote, mean, fall into place, intend. picture, contemplate, have visions of (doing) something, think up, read into, visualization, daydream. authority (noun)
say (noun)
sound out, enounce, suppose, articulate, aver, enjoin, state, pronounce, allege, order, tell, read, enunciate.
tell (noun)
break silence, fling off, state positively, reply, assume, rise to the occasion, announce, respond, let out, find words to express, relate, answer, put forth, express oneself.


communication (verb)
state, tell.
indicate (verb)
point out.
make declaration (verb)
suggest, put forth, remark, verbalize, convey, read, allege, pronounce, orate, communicate, answer, report, repeat, utter, recite, speak, respond, reply, announce, tell, relate, break silence, mention, deliver, voice, gab, divulge, state.
speak (verb)
voice, vocalize, speak, gab, discuss, lecture, talk, patter, chatter, chitchat, orate, recite, debate, babble, jabber, tattle, remark, preach, prattle.

Other synonyms:

cohere, connote, oh, wow, incline, consider, Hey, avouch, hello, verbalize. suffrage, believe in, intend, denote, adhere to, say-so. vent. suggest, vote. argue, contend. address. convey. mean. enounce
sound out.
let on
let out.
touch on, allude to.
break silence.