Synonyms for Ripping:


ripping (adjective)
sensational, fantastical, glorious, terrific, divine, fabulous, out of this world, fantastic, splendid, super, wonderful, keen, superb.


hot, keen, fantastical, marvelous, great, tremendous, glorious, swell, sensational, cool, out of this world, fabulous, super, fantastic, dreamy, nifty, neat, good, splendid, groovy, divine, terrific, wonderful, dandy, superb. ripping (noun)
cacophonic, splitting, rending, cacophonous.


halving (verb)
forking, Rupturing, fissuring, Slitting, tearing, branching, bifurcating.
separating (verb)
unhinging, Detaching, Segregating, Amputating, Disjoining, uncoupling, cleaving, Dissociating, slicing, Disintegrating, splitting, Disengaging, severing, Removing, Disuniting, unfixing, Bisecting, alienating, rending, cutting, Halving, Divorcing, dismantling, Excising, Separating, disassembling, Sundering, Disconnecting, estranging, Dissecting, axing, disaffiliating, breaking, dividing, parting, ungluing, fragmenting, Insulating, Disassociating, Incising, paring.

Other synonyms:

nifty, groovy. tremendous, marvelous. fabulous, sensational, dandy, wonderful, dreamy. great, glorious. divine, keen, terrific, neat, hot, cool, splendid. fantastical. fantastic. Other relevant words:
groovy, hot, fabulous, keen, glorious, terrific, fantastic, superb, nifty, cacophonic, wonderful, divine, splendid, dreamy, dandy, neat, marvelous, fantastical, sensational, great, cool, swell, tremendous, cacophonous, super.

Usage examples for ripping

  1. At the same moment, a faint, ripping noise mounted to Gabriel- a sound for all the world like the tearing of stout canvas. – The Air Trust by George Allan England
  2. It was not Anselm Schickedanz who called him a " ripping chap," and yet it was directly on his account that Klaus Heinrich had compared Professor Nicolovius to an owl. – Royal Highness by Thomas Mann
  3. It would be such ripping sport! – The Heart of Una Sackville by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey