Synonyms for Clip:


commentary, highlights, break, action replay, episode, coverage, the credits, content, filler. brooch, sock, bop, HIT, slam, bash, biff, bangle, pop, whop, circlet, conk, thwack, smash, wham, whack, strike, cameo, costume jewelry, knock, swat, slog, choker, slug, wallop, anklet, clout, attack, bracelet, smite. box, smack, halve, punch, buffet, bust, top-slice, cuff, spat, spank, shrivel, slap. scalp, overcharge, soak, batter, skin, fleece, gouge, honest, rip off, nick. bore, gauge, bayonet, barrel, calibre, caliber, hammer, butt, chamber. holder, cord, safety belt, rope, cable, rubber band. cut away, lop off, chop off, gouge out. finely, cut out, etch, cut-up. blow (noun)
slap, thwack.
clip (noun)
jog, snip, cut short, magazine, cut back, dress, time, nip, cartridge clip, cartridge holder, crop, curtail, trim, trot, prune, lop, clipping, snip off, nip off.
fastener (noun)
chain, brace, cinch, twine, fastening, band, strap, buckle, cincture, vise, glue, go-between, spike, cleat, medium, latch, knitting, link, clinch, paste, zipper, lock, button, fastener, clasp, tack, bolt, string, cement, thread, bonding, belt, agent, hinge, ligament, closure, connector, mucilage, splice, stay, anchor, weld, lace, catch, clamp, middleman, nail, rivet, hawser, fuse, tie, knot, staple, grapnel, skewer, binding, coupling, rabbet, pin, hasp, mediator, bond, suture, braid, cotter, brad, stitch, snap, hitch, hook, guy, seal, bracket, Vinculum, binder.
snip (noun)
cut off.


contact (verb)
nip off, snip off, nip, snip.
cut short (verb)
curtail, dock, cut, pare, prune, shear, trim, truncate, shorten, lower, slash, bob, crop, reduce, snip, cut back, shave, decrease.
diminish (verb)
contract, pare, concentrate, truncate, erode, compact, compress, bob, dwindle, trim, deflate, diminish, shave, minimize, taper, shrink, prune, decrease, weed, downgrade, reduce, lessen, decrement, lighten, shorten, abbreviate, deplete, abridge, condense, nip.
punch (verb)
cuff, wallop, clout, box, smack, punch, whack, knock, sock.
reject (verb)
discard, crop, exclude, jettison, erupt, exude, drain, snip, lop, curtail, chop, cull, discharge, evacuate, disclaim, cut, eliminate, trash, disgorge, abandon, exhaust, deny, blackball, disapprove, excise, check, vomit, belch, reject, disallow, scrap, eject, secrete, excrete, jilt, vent, junk, emit, seep, spew, bar, oppugn, blacklist, shear, shed, deep-six.
shorten (verb)
belittle, lower.
subtract (verb)
delete, dock, elide, subtract, depreciate, discount, deduct.

Other synonyms:

bop, anklet, bash, cut away, rubber band, episode, brooch, biff, bracelet, costume jewelry, commentary, join, calibre, circlet, gouge out, clout, action replay, bangle, scalp, holder, whop, chop off, choker. coverage, thwack, secure, punch, slap, smite, nick, bore, knock, lop off, spank, cameo, whack, sock, fleece, cable, caliber, wham, rope, wallop, etch, safety belt, conk, bayonet, overcharge. cuff, slug, cord, break, gouge, finely, cut-up, fasten, slam. slash, pop, smash, attach, slog, buffet, connect, fix, spat, gauge. chamber, strike, barrel, smack. cut out, HIT. cut off. bust, soak. attack
wallop, whop.
cut back.
truncate, abbreviate, elide.
Other relevant words:
coverage, cable, fasten, fleece, anklet, brooch, top-slice, bangle, spank, cut short, rope, finely, join, overcharge, slam, box, smash, cartridge clip, soak, attack, bash, cut away, rip off, strike, slash, bop, bore, batter, lop off, clout, snip off, connect, smite, barrel, sock, hammer, gauge, buffet, cuff, fix, choker, circlet, holder, magazine, secure, time, nip off, nick, pop, attach, thwack, slug, jog, wallop, chop off, slog, skin, knock, conk, halve, biff, caliber, whack, etch, filler, scalp, chamber, wham, bracelet, calibre, trot, slap, cartridge holder, swat, whop, clipping, highlights, gouge, spat, content, commentary, dress, break, cameo, episode, cord, cut back, butt, punch, bust, smack, bayonet, HIT, shrivel, honest.

Usage examples for clip

  1. For these worries always clip the thread of life at the end: that is where all the small debts are collected as one." – The Mettle of the Pasture by James Lane Allen
  2. His clip is weighed off in due course, and he proceeds to the store and sits down while the clerk figures up the amount. – The Boer in Peace and War by Arthur M. Mann
  3. Was it not enough to clip off the end of my beard? – Household Tales by Brothers Grimm by Grimm Brothers