Synonyms for Tiptop:


excellent (adjective)
champion, capital, blue-ribbon, good, great, fine.
first-class/first-rate (adjective)
tiptop (adjective)
first-rate, topnotch, superb, best, choice, supreme, terrific, superior, ace, highest, uppermost, excellent.


choice, best, excellent. banner, capital, bully, good, superb, champion, terrific, dandy, first class, topflight, quality, blue-ribbon, swell, great, tophole, boss, brag, splendid, fine. tiptop (noun)
first-rate, ace, super, superior, a-one, topnotch, tops.
topmost (noun)
supreme, highest, uppermost.

Other synonyms:

topflight, blue-ribbon, tophole. first class. dandy, champion. great, fine. splendid, boss, terrific. quality. first class
Other relevant words:
dandy, brag, quality, banner, fine, great, superb, highest, boss, good, uppermost, supreme, blue-ribbon, tophole, terrific, bully, best, splendid, champion, first class, choice, topflight, excellent, swell, capital.

Usage examples for tiptop

  1. Oh, they are a jolly set of fellows, those cowboys; tiptop good fellows, too, when you know them, but they don't want any plug hat or pointed shoes foolishness around them. – Roosevelt in the Bad Lands by Hermann Hagedorn