Synonyms for Regulate:


diagnose, calibrate, calibration, preset, tune up, manage, command, monitor, direct, zero. correct, temper, dispose, readjust, restrict, keep down, standardize, allocate, rectify, confine, cure, coordinate, adapt, reconcile, improve. machine. help, attune, tune, change. regulate (noun)
influence, baffle, determine, regularize, shape, mold, govern, order, modulate, set.


change (verb)
manage, organize (verb)
arrange, correct, dispose, determine, balance, rectify, order, coordinate, allocate, settle, fix, set, govern, adjust, standardize, control, tune up, readjust, systematize, reconcile, modulate, adapt, direct, temper, classify, Methodize, monitor, improve, tune.
order (verb)
grade, unify, integrate, devise, type, prepare, classify, score, frame, fix, chart, rank, unsnarl, shape, balance, Methodize, establish, systematize, arrange, harmonize, orchestrate, form, sort, place, screen, adjust, structure, right, plot, organize, array, design, set, rate, sift, scheme, pigeonhole, support, rationalize, separate, control, maintain, subordinate, class, cast, schedule, plan, mediate, stabilize, normalize, marshal, order, settle, collate, group, schematize, categorize, compose, stratify, program.

Other synonyms:

manage, preset, reconcile, calibrate, readjust. diagnose, restrict, calibration. zero, tune up. keep down, attune, tune, confine. cure. order
normalize, regularize.
Other relevant words:
coordinate, calibrate, govern, calibration, allocate, change, monitor, command, confine, rectify, direct, improve, influence, mold, reconcile, restrict, preset, readjust, determine, standardize, attune, adjust, tune up, diagnose, adapt, regularize, manage, dispose, cure, temper, baffle, modulate, correct, tune.

Usage examples for regulate

  1. Again, with respect to their successive distances from the sun, some law would seem to regulate their distance, but it was not known. – Pioneers of Science by Oliver Lodge
  2. A real union between religious bodies in Ireland, they said, would induce Irish statesmen to regulate their policy mainly by the public opinion of their own country. – Irish Nationality by Alice Stopford Green
  3. We must regulate our conduct by our own highest ideal. – Eighty Years And More; Reminiscences 1815-1897 by Elizabeth Cady Stanton