Synonyms for Indication:


tip off, litmus test, promise, preview. expression. high sign, express. signification, witness, note. demonstration (noun)
show, display, presentation, expose.
evidence (noun)
corroboration, authentication, validation, determination, evidence, demonstration, connotation, observation, certification, testimony, illustration, data, attestation, manifestation, substantiation, declaration, counter-evidence, information, statement, documentation, establishment, support, quotation, specimen, proof, exhibit, exemplification, deposition, fact, confirmation.
evidence, clue (noun)
expression, hint, gesture, forewarning, note, symptom, wink, omen, portent, suggestion, implication, cue, attestation, sign, explanation, augury, proof, signal, manifestation, token, show.
indication (noun)
denotation, tag, motion, brand, guidepost, hint, token, icon, emblem, gesture, gesticulation, reading, figuration, lighthouse, logotype, insignia, alert, legend, cue, crest, wave, sign, label, banner, signal, flag, pointer, prompt, logo, badge, designation, ticket, beacon, meter reading, semaphore, signpost, wink, stamp, notation, indicant, key, marker, symbol.
meaning (noun)
explanation, intent, implication, gist, message, thrust, upshot, pith, point, tenor, interpretation, description, crux, significance, drift, definition, purpose, subject, meaning, topic, relevance.
omen (noun)
foretoken, premonitory sign, symptom, pre-indication, herald, augury, omen, harbinger, caution, writing on the wall, messenger, warning signal, forewarning, presage, portent, foretaste.

Other synonyms:

promise, high sign. litmus test. tip off, preview, witness, signification. note, expression.

Usage examples for indication

  1. Then with an indication of interest: " But maybe you've got something that'll help keep us awake." – Ashton-Kirk, Criminologist by John T. McIntyre
  2. Helen shook her head with every indication of tremulous worry. – Hidden Gold by Wilder Anthony
  3. There he shrugged slightly, in indication of a resentment at the handicap of human nature in his work. – The Last Shot by Frederick Palmer