Synonyms for Throb:


baton, blast, beat out, arrange, back, accompany, atmospherics, bang out, blast away, articulation. sounds, repetition, EINA, neuralgia, palpitate. stifle, bother, trouble. groan, moan, babble, cluck, grunt, putter, growl, fizz, gurgle. haemorrhage, lurch, jump, hemorrhage, bleed, flutter, fur up, clot. oscillation (noun)
wave, fluctuation, resonance, vacillation, tremor, libration, pulsation, harmonic motion, rhythm, vibration, undulation, alternation, palpitation, oscillation.
pain (noun)
headache, grief, ache, anguish, burn, discomfort, misery, cramp, sore, throe, hurt, malaise, chafing, gripe, torment, sting, wrench, pain, earache, stitch, bruise, distress, injury, painfulness, affliction, rack, smarting, stab, inflammation, torture, Migraine, bite, crick, irritation, agony, suffering, infliction, pang, wound, spasm, Back Ache.
rumble (noun)
clatter, reverberation, drum, chatter, rattle, buzz, roll, chant, hum, rumble, grumble, thrum, racket, drone, thunder.
throb (noun)
pulse, thrill, pulsate, shudder, pounding, throbbing, shiver.


oscillate (verb)
radiate, sway, seesaw, undulate, rock, vibrate, oscillate, beat, stagger, librate, teeter-totter, tremble, wag, fluctuate, vacillate, pulse, tick, alternate, wobble, totter, bob, pulsate.
pain (verb)
chafe, smart, agonize, irritate, afflict, suffer, inflame.
pulsate, beat (verb)
pulse, palpitate, flutter, tremble, thrill, vibrate.
rumble (verb)

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
flutter, back, articulation, neuralgia, putter, EINA, fizz, atmospherics, clot, bother, arrange, repetition, haemorrhage, gurgle, grunt, blast, groan, baton, bleed, shiver, cluck, trouble, throbbing, lurch, moan, stifle, jump, accompany, palpitate, growl, thrill, shudder, babble, hemorrhage, sounds, pounding.

Usage examples for throb

  1. Graeme's heart gave a sudden throb of pain and doubt, as she saw it, for it told her that a change was coming over their quiet life, and her own experience made it seem to her a change to be dreaded. – Janet's Love and Service by Margaret M Robertson