Synonyms for Prohibit:


discourage, avert, stop, obstruct, avoid, knock something on the head, get in the way of something, halt, squash. decline, not brook something, impede, clamp down, hinder. prohibit (noun)
forbid, veto, proscribe, disallow, interdict.


ban (verb)
exclude, banish, blackball, bar.
boycott (verb)
blacklist, reject, refuse, avoid, ostracize.
deter (verb)
discourage, avert, stop.
enjoin (verb)
deny, taboo.
exclude (verb)
deny, ostracize, exile, eliminate, blackball, expatriate, excommunicate, renounce, disbar, repudiate, boycott, eject, evict, ban, proscribe, bar, extradite, banish, ignore, disallow, disqualify, blacklist, deport, relegate, forbid, exclude, remove, reject, amputate, oust, eradicate, excise, expel.

Other synonyms:

obstruct, avert, discourage, clamp down. avoid. squash. stop. destroy

Usage examples for prohibit

  1. Nor is liberty of conscience, or of matrimony, or of burial of the dead; it is enough that congress have no power to prohibit either, and can have no temptation. – Essays on the Constitution of the United States by Paul Leicester Ford
  2. 3. The banking laws of individual states would be ignored or invalidated: banking laws of 33 states prohibit mutual savings banks; the Commission on Money and Credit wants a federal law to permit such banks in all states. – The Invisible Government by Dan Smoot