Synonyms for Spout:


go on, chatter, talk away, go on about, ramble on, discourse on/upon, keep on, babble, hold forth, drone on. spray, blubber, squirt, fleece, parchment, civet, beeswax, move, musk, pheromone, ink, pearl, milk. give off, send out, generate, give out, stream, issue from, beam, spill. leak, moisture, drop, condensation, trickle, splash, sip, spatter, river. channel, burst, dash, cast up, course, deepen, come in, break, crest, catch. compartment, cork, cap, bung, flip top, overflow, lip, mouth, lid. conduit (noun)
channel, course.
exit (noun)
efflux, exodus, drainage, egress, outlet, runoff, departure, outcome.
lip (noun)
spout (noun)
mouth off, rant, jabber, rabbit on, spirt, spurt, gush, rave.


blurt (verb)
jabber, leak, babble.
burst (verb)
declaim (verb)
dribble (verb)
eject (verb)
emit, spew.

Other synonyms:

spray, squirt, lip. declaim
hold forth.
flow from
go on about.
Other relevant words:
burst, rave, send out, drop, babble, spurt, gush, rabbit on, spray, mouth off, hold forth, chatter, go on, splash, jabber, lip, course, spill, overflow, spew, ramble on, emit, rant, trickle, spirt, stream, channel, squirt, mouth, leak, move, talk away, milk.

Usage examples for spout

  1. But I let it pass without comment, for I realize it is the spout to the kettle, and I am thankful that the steam has so safe and harmless an outlet. – How to Cook Husbands by Elizabeth Strong Worthington
  2. Rupert wants to spout it in public. – The House of Torchy by Sewell Ford
  3. There was a spout from the shell behind it. – Four-Day Planet by Henry Beam Piper