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snap (verb)

crash, clap, tap, rap, knock, bang, thwack, slam, crack, click, bump, smack, slap, flap, whack, clack, thump, burst.

quickly (adverb)

in a flash/like a flash/quick as a flash, quickly, hurried, hasty, urgent, rapid, frenetic, like a shot, fast, like mad.

Other synonyms:

offhand, twitch, lash out, tell off, zap, guess, take, outing, walkover, scoot, beep, chap, retrieve, barb, strike, focusing, collar, break, improvisational, patience, raise your voice, crack cocaine, wear, cranny, riff, scissure, facile, offhanded, fling, extempore, whirl, fall into place, fix, unprepared, cluck, crush, crevice, shaft, puss, fluent, pop, downhill, slide, ginger snap, deplumate, fluid, bay, shoot, stab, conk out, displume, flip, analyze, wag, go off at the deep end, gibe, film, off-the-cuff, howl, blare, ad hoc, ruffle, stop, royal, focussing, snatch, fissure, stroke, offer, pullulate, crack, braces, dash, piece of cake, gap, unplanned, beggar-thy-neighbor, raid, dart, unpremeditated, bridge, elasticity, sink in, snapshot, inject, decompose, extemporary, leaf, clamour, cufflink, analyse, spur-of-the-moment, field day, unconsidered, tangle, flicker, wrench, shot, hit, spur-of-the-moment, fluid, go, simple, cinch, push, sprout, focal point, snap bean, dissipate, impromptu, fall apart, words, tornado, direction, duck soup, fool, collapse, impromptu, light, cummerbund, twat, burgeon forth, grab, improvised, hold against, take apart, offhanded, smooth, abuse, get across, pip, cheap, kidnapping, slit, scene, crumble, unstudied, scud, kidnap, capture, picnic, snap fastener, pap, wisecrack, painless, cribbage, gimmick, give out, germinate, guessing, fluent, blastoff, guesswork, flash, hands-down, die, nobble, cleft, whip, cracking, go bad, haul, lose it, come out, play, clamor, pushover, break up, snarl up, expose, penetrate, unprepared, facile, spud, ad-lib, entangle, girth, arrest, child's play, explosion, downhill, move, contract bridge, abduct, dawn, improvised, slaver, gin rummy, improvisational, shoot down, rupture, unpremeditated, bite someone's head off, shooter, bust, fail, whisk, drawstring, fold, pinch, effortless, click, blackjack, unstudied, offhand, develop, match, down and dirty, photograph, pass, fritter away, beg, shatter, splinter, cheap, jump down someone's throat, apprehension, fritter, bit, scold, tumble, light, riffle, lurch, soft, lose your temper (with), unrehearsed, simple, eyelet, gingersnap, smash, snarl, bourgeon, mind, extempore, disintegrate, fly into a temper/rage, ginger nut, ad-lib, sally, pellet, breeze, pussy, break through, fool away, check, quip, cacophony, see red, off-the-cuff, snatch up, deplume, lose your cool, blow up, soft, gentle wind, tear, taking into custody, unconsidered, hands-down, tear into, ready, bark, charge, pontoon, cunt, shove, compose, rage, ad hoc, dig, effortless, get through, embrangle, air, blast, ease, faithful, down and dirty, let fly, fracture, smooth, fragment, wear out, pluck, unrehearsed, rise to, eye, crock up, unplanned, mat, dissect, chatter, tick, royal, crack up, crumple, buck, jibe, reach, break down, extemporary, nip, frivol away, catch, injection, come home, shooting, dead reckoning, focus, painless, yank, give way, flick, poker, centering, zephyr, jerk, press stud, skim, canasta, thumb, ready, pull.

Examples of usage:

Why, if the President had his way, he'd lock up every man that had enough sense and snap in him to do things, and he'd make this country like a Methodist camp meeting after the shouting is over! - "Together", Robert Herrick (1868-1938).

They had scarcely left the porch before the hounds bounded up the steps and a pair of gleaming jaws came together with a snap close to Lester's foot, which he drew out of the way just in time to escape being caught. - "The Boy Trapper", Harry Castlemon.

One could not tell how long the cold- snap would last, but it had already embarrassed him. - "The Girl From Keller's Sadie's Conquest", Harold Bindloss.

Similar words:

snap at, snap fastener, snap off, snap pea, snap ring, snap up, snap willow, sugar snap pea, snag.

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