Synonyms for Junk:


Charlie, coke, cocaine, cannabis, anabolic steroid, angel dust, controlled substance, Class A drug, acid. do away with, remove, dump, dispose of, eradicate, chuck, keep, ditch, throw out, replace, throw away. dinghy, coaster, catamaran, brig, barque, boat, ketch, sailboat, bark. ruin, remains, e-waste, landfill. junk (noun)
diacetylmorphine, dust, horse, scag, rubble, debris, scrap, trash, H, smack, detritus, heroin.
salvage (noun)
rummage, odds and ends, stuff, miscellany.
waste (noun)
leakage, decay, garbage, detritus, Filings, Dejecta, waste, chaff, effluent, despoilment, offal, residue, rubbish, remnant, debris, slop, refuse.


possession (verb)
scrap, trash.
reject (verb)
oppugn, disgorge, trash, snip, chop, crop, vomit, reject, jettison, deep-six, shed, jilt, disclaim, disapprove, seep, discard, belch, spew, excrete, secrete, erupt, excise, bar, lop, evacuate, cut, clip, cull, blackball, emit, exude, exclude, blacklist, check, exhaust, abandon, curtail, scrap, deny, discharge, drain, eject, eliminate, disallow, vent, shear.

Other synonyms:

e-waste, ketch, catamaran, sailboat, barque. remains, ditch, dinghy, landfill, brig. coaster, dump, chuck. ruin. get rid of
discard, ditch.
throw away
dispose of.

Usage examples for junk

  1. They sold it for junk and took the train back to California. – The Biography of a Rabbit by Roy Benson, Jr.
  2. We will haul you to Terra- like any other piece of space junk – Rip Foster in Ride the Gray Planet by Harold Leland Goodwin