Synonyms for Judge:


conceive, hit on, sum up, come up with, surrogate, conceptualize, draw a conclusion/an inference. rebuke, deride, reproach, criticize, interpreter, remonstrate, denigrate, inspector, reprimand, go-between, find fault with, put down, blame, Intercessor. critic, barrister, Attorney General, attorney, connoisseur, professional, bailiff, clerk, specialist, chief justice, the bar, the bench, advocate, circuit judge. bring, allow, bring before, cite, appeal, claim, reason, draw, arraign, appear. underestimate, overestimate, read between the lines, put two and two together, size up. honest broker, adjudge, pacifier, decree, peacemaker, broker, law, intermediary. commentary box, book, officiate, caller, opinion, call, linesman, card. arbiter (noun)
authority (noun)
deity (noun)
inspiration, absolute, goddess, redeemer, deity, muse, demigod, almighty, all-powerful, jehovah, holy ghost, providence, Son of Man, Jesus Christ, jesus, omniscience, christ, maker, lord, infinite, savior, Jesu, creator, idol, messiah, Lamb of God, divinity, salvation, heroine, King of the Jews, omnipotence, dieu, Prince of Peace, Son of God, trinity, King of Kings, godhead, hero.
judge (noun)
guess, administrator, censor, authority, his lordship, lord chancellor, magistrate, his honor, adjudicate, arbitrator, jurist, pronounce, approximate, mediator, try, gauge, moderator, adjudicator, expert, justice, umpire, negotiator, judiciary, evaluator, label, reconciler.
jurisprudent (noun)
person (noun)
justice, jurist.
person who arbitrates (noun)
critic, expert, umpire, negotiator, adjudicator, judiciary, intermediary, reconciler, authority, referee, magistrate, moderator, evaluator, inspector, Intercessor, justice, interpreter, peacemaker.


believe (verb)
deem, gather, assent, surmise, take for granted, give faith, conclude, suppose, credit, profess, affirm, accept, understand, put faith in, believe, hold, assume, presume, trust, maintain, declare.
choose (verb)
fancy, pick, favor, adopt, espouse, wish, choose, like, elect, prefer, select.
judge (verb)
mediate, adjudicate, sentence, pronounce, arbitrate, referee, rule, resolve, find, decide.
make decision from evidence; deduce (verb)
deduct, decide, gather, rate, resolve, arbitrate, determine, mediate, size up, suppose, consider, approximate, adjudge, estimate, reckon, appraise, try, evaluate, value, draw, assess, conclude, criticize, find, sentence, rule, adjudicate, decree.
penalize (verb)
fine, discipline, penalize, chastise, Retribute, encumber, drawback, burden, handicap, punish, abate, correct, discount, forfeit, deduct.
punish (verb)
crucify, chasten, try, reprise, anguish, persecute, imprison, confine, execute, agonize, pillory, Keelhaul, incarcerate, castigate, torture, avenge, lambaste, afflict, distress.

Other synonyms:

commentary box, adjudge, peacemaker, come up with, conceptualize, pacifier, honest broker, underestimate, intermediary. officiate, broker, caller, hit on, critic. law. draw, book. card. call. analyze
figure, evaluate.
multiply, enumerate.
put down.

Usage examples for judge

  1. Or did he feel, as some men do to- day, that women cannot judge nor understand such things? – Catherine Booth A Sketch by Colonel Mildred Duff
  2. How was it they could judge so well and these others so ill? – Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker by S. Weir Mitchell
  3. And who was she to judge him? – The Romantic by May Sinclair