Synonyms for Mixture:


confusion, mix up, muddle, disorder, combo. character, dog, individual, original, assemble, product, species, Jekyll And Hyde, type. patchwork, collect, Gallimaufry, grab bag. combination (noun)
blend, assembly, commixture, miscellany, jumble, composition, brew, medley, concoction, stew, grab bag, Interfusion, salmagundi, fusion, conglomerate, mishmash, transfusion, amalgam, compound, infusion, incorporation, mix, assimilation, mash, amalgamation, potpourri, conglomeration, alloy, combination, crossing, ensemble, batter, paste, mingling, hybrid, patchwork, adulteration, admixture, combo, saturation, composite, variety, dough, hodgepodge, mixed bag, merger.
difference (noun)
miscellany (noun)
potpourri, salmagundi.
mixed bag (noun)
mixed bag.
mixture (noun)
concoction, emulsion, blending, variety, mixing, commixture, elixir, miscellany, assortment, merger, miscellanea, motley, potpourri, intermixture, amalgamate, meld, mixed bag, hybrid, Interfusion, admixture, salmagundi, mix, stew, decoction, mash, mongrel.
preparation (noun)
remedy (noun)
variety (noun)

Other synonyms:

dough, Olio, species, Gallimaufry, Jekyll And Hyde, combo, grab bag. batter, crossing, patchwork. individual, original, type. product. character. dog. clutter
Other relevant words:
assimilation, salmagundi, combo, Olio, dog, motley, crossing, admixture, assortment, grab bag, mishmash, batter, transfusion, mingling, product, confusion, character, saturation, miscellanea, variety, muddle, Gallimaufry, miscellany, jumble, adulteration, disorder, patchwork, mixing, species, dough, mixed bag.

Usage examples for mixture

  1. " You're right, sir,- right; the mixture is not a bad one. – The Settler and the Savage by R.M. Ballantyne
  2. Usually from cow's whole milk, but sometimes from goat's milk or a mixture of the two. – The Complete Book of Cheese by Robert Carlton Brown