Synonyms for Stomach:


front, belly button, body, girth, heart, flank. hunger, bile duct, taste, desire, bile, alimentary canal, appendix, abdominal, thirst, appetite. bilious, carsick, bloated, disgorge, chuck up, airsick, come up, cloy, bring up. appetite (noun)
desire, taste.
body (noun)
tum, breadbasket, tummy.
container (noun)
bottle, holder, tank, sack, drum, bin, cabinet, vat, jar, box, decanter, wallet, basket, chest, ladle, shelf, trunk, locker, flask, container, jug, drawer, crate, vault, bucket, reservoir, belly, receptacle, bladder, tray, closet, storage, repository, purse, barrel, case, cup, bowl, bag, cupboard, pouch, can, pocket, suitcase, cask.
digestive organ of animate being; exterior (noun)
breadbasket, abdomen, belly, tummy.
stomach (noun)
endure, breadbasket, stand, suffer, abdomen, abide, support, tolerate, tummy, bear, venter, put up, brook, tum, belly.


endure, tolerate (verb)
brook, tolerate, abide, stand, suffer, bear.

Other synonyms:

desire. hunger, appetite, thirst. abide
bear, support.
put up.
Other relevant words:
taste, bag, support, suffer, abide, heart, abdominal, thirst, stand, endure, breadbasket, hunger, tolerate, bear, tum, tummy, desire, abdomen, brook, appetite, venter, appendix.

Usage examples for stomach

  1. His stomach had forced on him the conviction that his evening meal was a necessity not lightly to be denied. – The Law-Breakers by Ridgwell Cullum
  2. I was confused sometimes and called people by their wrong names, and sometimes I said what was in my head instead of saying what was in my stomach – The Captives by Hugh Walpole
  3. I asked, with a very sick stomach – Salute to Adventurers by John Buchan