Synonyms for Rationalize:


operate, reconcile, coordinate, prioritize, explain away, codify, restructure, reorganize, manage. ponder, take a long hard look at someone/something, deliberate, contemplate, take something into consideration, think out, think over, reason. account for. rationalize (noun)
cut, justify, apologise, apologize, prune, rationalise, excuse.


account (verb)
explain, explicate, clarify, justify, account, describe.
calculate (verb)
approximate, consider, quantify, suppose, program, add, reckon, divide, enumerate, think, appraise, rate, estimate, total, figure, surmise, judge, evaluate, rank, study, guess, count, plan, scheme, tally, determine, measure, infer, presume, deduce, assess, quantize, weigh, compute, gauge, value, schedule, conclude, plot, calculate, systematize, score, sum, multiply, triangulate.
make excuse; justify (verb)
excuse, think, deliberate, account for, explain away, reason, reconcile, justify.
order (verb)
classify, order, unify, array, subordinate, support, group, fix, design, collate, type, set, frame, devise, chart, separate, compose, stratify, prepare, pigeonhole, harmonize, sift, organize, sort, regulate, mediate, establish, marshal, categorize, normalize, grade, maintain, schematize, stabilize, integrate, right, adjust, settle, structure, class, place, cast, shape, arrange, orchestrate, Methodize, balance, unsnarl, form, control, screen.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
coordinate, cut, apologise, prune, reorganize, excuse, account for, reason, deliberate, rationalise, codify, apologize, contemplate, reconcile, explain away, restructure.

Usage examples for rationalize

  1. Lastly, a right theory of mental evolution as exhibited by humanity at large, giving a key, as it does, to the evolution of the individual mind, must help to rationalize our perverse methods of education; and so to raise intellectual power and moral nature. – Essays: Scientific, Political, & Speculative, Vol. I by Herbert Spencer
  2. No break is too great to be bridged by this instinctive impulse to rationalize the products of diverse experience. – The Evolution of the Dragon by G. Elliot Smith
  3. His only luggage was two manuscripts: a commentary on the works of Maimuni, whose name he had adopted, and to whom he paid divine reverence; and a treatise in which he attempted to rationalize the recondite doctrines of the Cabbala, and which he always kept by him " as a monument of the struggle of the human mind after perfection in spite of all hindrances which were put in its way." – The Haskalah Movement in Russia by Jacob S. Raisin