Synonyms for Provoke:


begin. infuriate, madden, enrage, incense, feelings. fret, pain, bug, chafe, nettle, gall, irk, peeve, ruffle. set off, work up, egg on, touch off. tempt, seek, court, invite. provoke (noun)
elicit, arouse, chivvy, evoke, chevy, kick up, fire, stimulate, hassle, plague, harass, beset, harry, raise, chivy, call forth, kindle, chevvy, enkindle.


abet (verb)
encourage, urge, prod, goad, spur, egg on.
acerbate (verb)
affront (verb)
aggravate (verb)
peeve, nettle, bug, gall.
anger (verb)
tempt, antagonize.
arouse (verb)
cause (verb)
engineer, originate, evoke, force, act, cause, motivate, elicit, give rise to, bring about, enforce, induce, engender, inspire, effect, drive, execute, make, generate, produce.
communication (verb)
displease (verb)
displease, aggrieve, shock, offend, jar, anger, grate, bother, repel, disappoint, irritate, scandalize, rile, annoy, disgust, disturb.
motivate (verb)
jog, trigger, ferment, strike, launch, foment, urge, fire, nudge, catapult, impel, stimulate, goad, encourage, shoot, pitch, push, sling, propel, throw, move, hurtle, thrust, ram, instigate, prompt, jerk, punch, bump, shove, magnetize, fling, knock, heave, energize, jostle, jolt, prod, lob, hasten, hurl, entice, poke.

Other synonyms:

infuriate, whip up, antagonize, ignite, gall. incense, peeve, madden, irk, nettle, egg on. pique, ruffle, chafe, galvanize, enrage. invite, fret, affect, bug. touch. arouse
incite, arouse.
give rise to.
touch off.

Usage examples for provoke

  1. Had one great city set the example and risen against the Spaniards, the rest would have followed; but none dared be the first to provoke so terrible a vengeance. – By Pike and Dyke: A Tale of the Rise of the Dutch Republic by G.A. Henty
  2. This very dread of temptation will provoke his curiosity, irritate his fancy, make him imagine the temptation must be a very delightful thing. – Lucretia, Complete by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  3. Perhaps this suggestion was a bait intended to provoke a reply from me. – Face to Face with Kaiserism by James W. Gerard