Synonyms for Catapult:


beanbag, action figure, doll's house, cap, dollhouse, construction paper, clay, balloon, building block. aggrandizement, exalt, elevate, demote, elevation, downgrade, divest, advancement, bump up. berth, blade, amidships, aft, bow, bowsprit, beam, boom, bay, bilge. cutlass, battleax, mace, halberd, pike, longbow, lance, crossbow, dirk. jar, thrust aside, shoulder, strain, jab. artifact (noun)
slingshot, sling, launcher.
catapult (noun)
arbalist, trebucket, slingshot, launcher, trebuchet, sling, onager, arbalest, bricole.
implement for shooting weapon (noun)
sling, arbalest, slingshot, trebuchet.
sling (noun)
weapon, mortar.
weapon (noun)
crossbow, slingshot, dirk, arbalest, battleax, cutlass.


motivate (verb)
inspire, force, jerk, shoot, hurtle, bump, move, jog, hasten, urge, nudge, entice, stimulate, encourage, punch, jolt, energize, foment, trigger, poke, knock, magnetize, prompt, strike, motivate, jostle, instigate, provoke, ferment, induce.
propel (verb)
drive, ram, fire, push, goad, throw, cant, toss, pitch, shunt, lob, bunt, chuck, propel, bowl, hurl, prod, heave, flick, project, thrust, shove, impel, sling, launch, butt, precipitate, pelt, cast, compel, fling.

Other synonyms:

halberd, longbow, demote, crossbow, cap, clay, dirk, dollhouse, downgrade, beanbag, aggrandizement, cutlass, doll's house, construction paper, building block, action figure, divest. battleax, elevation, exalt, bump up, pike, advancement, balloon. lance, elevate. mace. send off
Other relevant words:
balloon, mortar, beanbag, slingshot, arbalist, advancement, blade, beam, clay, berth, elevation, bilge, amidships, crossbow, strain, weapon, pike, jab, halberd, bricole, downgrade, dirk, bow, battleax, cutlass, trebuchet, onager, divest, lance, cap, demote, arbalest, jar, trebucket, elevate, exalt, boom, aft, dollhouse, bowsprit, longbow, aggrandizement, mace, shoulder, bay, launcher.

Usage examples for catapult

  1. How was the watcher to know that the thought behind that far- off gaze was simply a speculation as to whether the bird on the cedar tree was or was not within range of his catapult – A Damsel in Distress by Pelham Grenville Wodehouse
  2. Then its eyes flamed, and like a great stone shot from a catapult the boar rushed on the huntsmen who were stationed to the right. – The Golden Fleece and the Heroes who Lived Before Achilles by Padraic Colum
  3. His voice came like a stone from a catapult – The Garden Of Allah by Robert Hichens