Synonyms for Rattle:


beanbag, catapult, balloon, action figure, building block, clay, cap, doll's house, dollhouse, construction paper. clack, annoy, brattle, infuriate, frustrate, irritate, anger, antagonize, drive someone mad, madden, provoke. blabber, oscillate, chitchat, words, yak, go on, babble, run on, wobble, prattle, jaw, sway, spiel, swing, bounce, gas, prate, wave, palaver, jabber, gab, vibrate, flutter. groan, crash around, crunch, splash, screech, bang. clatter (noun)
clank, knock, clack, ratatat, din, noise, drumming, shaking, Pitapat, patter.
loud noise (noun)
rattle (noun)
rattling, rale.
rumble (noun)
drum, reverberation, chatter, grumble, rumble, chant, throb, drone, thunder, clatter, racket, thrum, roll, buzz, hum, beat.


bang, jiggle (verb)
drum, shake, bounce, clack, clatter, knock, vibrate.
disconcert, upset someone (verb)
perturb, scare, distract, frighten, bother, disturb, discompose, unnerve.
frighten (verb)
frighten, threaten, agitate, horrify, haunt, alarm, scare, disturb, unnerve, terrify, intimidate, harrow, panic, set on edge, petrify.
rumble (verb)
talk aimlessly, endlessly (verb)
prate, run on, chatter, gab, jabber, babble, jaw, prattle, yak.

Other synonyms:

brattle, crash around, clack. distract, ruffle, prate, discompose. babble, prattle, perturb. bother, unsettle, disquiet. toss. upset, rock. crunch, splash, shake. confuse
Other relevant words:
flurry, bounce, clack, clink, bother, jabber, prattle, flutter, fluster, perturb, yak, brattle, annoy, rock, jaw, discompose, anger, vibrate, rale, irritate, distract, unsettle, gas, clank, patter, noise, blabber, ruffle, babble, toss, knock, bang, din, bump, clash, shake, go on, upset, chitchat, disquiet, rattling, palaver, prate, gab, provoke, spiel, crunch.

Usage examples for rattle

  1. Why, yes- I heard the windows rattle was the answer; and Aunt Polly, with an ominous shake of the head, continued: There's more than windows rattle I guess. – Homestead on the Hillside by Mary Jane Holmes
  2. In one instance I had great difficulty in proving that the machine had been used in Georgia, although at the same moment there were three separate sets of this machinery in motion within fifty yards of the building in which the court sat, and all so near that the rattle of the wheels was distinctly heard on the steps of the court house. – Great Inventions and Discoveries by Willis Duff Piercy
  3. The door of Room B was instantly shut again, and Jennie heard the rattle of the key as Room A was being unlocked. – Jennie Baxter, Journalist by Robert Barr